Tragic: Famous Gujarati film actor Hasmukh Bhavsar dies of heart attack at the age of 70 in Dakor

By | October 21, 2020

After seeing the Lord in Dakor, Prasad’s shop collapsed

Wife, daughter Mansi and granddaughter Anushka in the family

Kankaria worked as a swimming coach in the bathroom

Hasmukh Bhavsar, a well-known actor of Gujarati film and theater, passed away tragically today, October 21. They went to Dakor and this is where they had a heart attack. Hasmukh Bhavsar produced the TV serial ‘Kaka Chale Wanka’. There is a deep sense of mourning in the Gujarati film industry over his untimely demise. Hasmukh Bhavsar was very popular among the fans due to his outstanding acting and roaring voice. His untimely demise has been a big mistake for the Gujarati film industry.

Born in Ahmedabad
Hasmukh Bhavsar was born in March, 1950 in Raipur, Ahmedabad. He was very fond of swimming. He was working as a coach in Kankaria bathroom. He worked here until retirement. Harshad Shukla was his boss. Hasmukh Bhavsar has one son and one daughter. However, he was devastated by the untimely death of his son Biren. Daughter Mansi and granddaughter Anushka live with their parents.

Took a final breath in Dakor
Hasmukh Bhavsar, 70, was traveling in a car to meet the Vadodara producer. He was accompanied by cameraman Manubhai Zala. As Dakor was coming along the way, he decided to visit Kuldev. Poona went to the temple at twelve o’clock and had darshan of God. Coming out they were standing in the shop to get prasad for the family, but suddenly they had a heart attack. They collapsed in front of the shop just before Prasad took over. He was then rushed to a nearby hospital. However, the doctors said that Hasmukh Bhavsar is no longer with us.

Funeral services were held at 6 p.m.
Hasmukh Bhavsar was cremated at Jamalpur, Ahmedabad on October 21 at 6 pm. A large number of friends could not attend the funeral because of Corona.

Came to the theater from 1970.
Hasmukh Bhavsare started his career in 1970 with the play ‘Ek Moorakhne Avi Tev’ written by Tarak Mehta. Apart from him, Annapurna Shukla, Harshad Shukla and Dipti Brahmbhatt were in the play. The play was produced. Hasmukh Bhavsar and Harshad Shukla were together in Vivekananda College and they were students of Professor Mangubhai Patel. Both were adept at drama. He was a leading participant in college festivals and youth festivals. Jitendra Thakkar, Mahesh Vaidya and Praful Bhavsar were also his friends. Promotional Jawanika used to do and work in art promotional shows. Then Jawanika’s commercial drama began. This was the beginning of his career. ISRO was started, in which he worked in Bhala Bhusana Bhedbharam. Arvind Vaidya played Bhusano and Hasmukh Bhavsare played Bhalla. He then slowly started working in TV serials. Hasmukh Bhavsare acted in Gujarati films like ‘Sonography of Relationships’, ‘Baap Vechwano Che’, ‘Bijo Diwas’, ‘Sagapan’, ‘Grand Hali’, ‘Monalisa’ He also acted in serials like ‘Ek Dalna Pankhi’ and ‘Bhala Bhusana Bhedabharam’. They were last seen in ‘Mama’s House Ketle’.

As the friend said in a message the day before, photos are not affected by emotions
Jitendra Thakkar, a well-known actor-producer of Gujarati industry, said in a conversation with Divya Bhaskar, ‘We had a brother-like relationship. Were in regular contact. Yesterday I received a text message from Hasmukh at 2.23 pm. Didn’t think this message would be true this way. In the message, he said, “Friends, as long as this is the body, let this flow of your emotions, the photo is not affected by emotions.” Today 2.23 became a photo in itself. He was still coming to my house. I am deeply saddened by his untimely demise. ‘

In addition, Jitendra Thackeray said, ‘Having a lot of fun on set. Parody of any song. On the set he was making fun of whatever. Praful used to make fun of Bhavsar saying that no one should do it. He cried when he got the news. Everyone knew that Hasmukh was as smiling and naive as the name implies. There is nothing wrong with that. ‘

Hasmukh Bhavsar was a food lover

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Renowned Gujarati industry writer-actor Vinay Dave said in a conversation with Divya Bhaskar, “We have worked together in many films, dramas and serials. He had a typical habit. Whenever they met men, they would grab the ear-boots of the person in front of them and make a tidying noise. He had this special habit. The relationship between me and them was such that whenever we met, the first thing we did was call each other jokes. The actors were amazing. We had a jockeying relationship. We both deal with our confidence as we choose to embark on our play activities. He played the role of Malavapati Munj in the play ‘Prithvivallabh’. He did an amazing job in this play. They were food lovers. They were fond of food and had all the information about where to find the dish. Not only that, they had information about whatever. He played the role of a clerk in my serial ‘Sundarlal Sapnavala’.