The panther broke into the closed house of Gondal,

By | December 5, 2020

LIVE Scenes of Deepada’s terror: Panther broke into Gondal’s closed house, Forest Department officials went to see him and the panda attacked.

The team reached the spot after the locals reported the incident to the forest department

As soon as the panther came out, the people climbed on the agaci

MP Ramesh Dhaduk also rushed to the spot on learning of the incident

The 80-year-old ex chased the panda with a broom

Crowds erupted when they heard the news of a panther in a closed house near Bhagwatpara School No. 5 in Gondal. Locals immediately informed the forest department and a team from the forest department rushed to the spot and carried out an exercise to cage the tiger. Meanwhile, the forest department officials went to see if there was a pangolin in the closed house and the pangolin attacked him and turned bloody. Later, as soon as the panther left the house, there was an atmosphere of chaos among the people. MP Ramesh Dhaduk also rushed to the spot on learning of the incident.

ફોરેસ્ટના અધિકારી ઈજાગ્રસ્ત, લોકો ડરના કારણે અગાસી પર ચડી ગયા

The 80-year-old ex went to the house in front of the panther growing a broom
The first wall in the building opposite where the panther had entered had been climbed. There sat an elderly Labhuben Diabhai Jethwa, an 80-year-old former bean. He opened the deli with a broom in his hand and entered the house where the seat in front of him was open.

Currently, the forest department has launched a rescue operation to catch the tiger
According to the information received, crowds of people had gathered when they got the news that there was a panther in a closed house near Bhagwatpara School No. 5 in Gondal city. Forest department officials rushed to the spot after the incident was reported. Local police as well as municipal teams rushed to the spot. Currently, the forest department is working to catch the tiger.

People climbed on the roofs of their houses out of fear
In the residential area of ​​Gondal, there is a commotion among the locals as the panther climbs. People rushed to the spot when they came to know that the pangolin was in a closed house. Which led to traffic jam scenes on the road. A team from the forest department went to check whether there was a pangolin in the dam building and the pangolin attacked the forest department employee. Forest department officials were seriously injured. However, the panda cage is not complete yet. People climbed on the roof of their house out of fear.

દીપડાને જોવા લોકોના ટોળા ઉમટી પડ્યા

Deepada attacked a forest department official and shifted to Rajkot Civil
They were injured when the pangolin suddenly attacked the forest department official. So he was shifted to Gondal Civil Hospital for immediate treatment. From where he has been shifted to Rajkot Civil Hospital for further treatment.

The pangolin first landed in Gondal City: MP Ramesh Dhaduk
MP Ramesh Dhaduk said that all the forest department officials have come here. Cages have also been arranged. A team of doctors has also arrived. The cage will be filled by making the panda unconscious. This is the first time a panther has come to my notice in Gondal City. So there is a lot of fear among the people. Rajkot ACF Shailesh Kotdia said that a message was received in Bhagwatipara of Gondal at 11.30 am today that a pangolin had entered Street No.9. So immediately we reached the place. Is buried inside a house. The place has been inspected. A rescue team has arrived from Junagadh.


We were sitting in the room and suddenly a panther came out: the landlord
“We were sitting in the room and staring at the mobile,” said landlord Sandeep Gondalia. Then the panther came out suddenly so I happened to have a dog so I came out to see if my sister-in-law had removed the baby. I later drove all the members of the household out of the room. When we got out of the house, there was a commotion among the people.

(Himanshu Purohit, Dewang Bhojani – Gondal)