Plaintiff’s daughter accused: Girlfriend called her boyfriend to her home and stole Rs 7.34 lakh to start a business, needed money to open a job placement agency

By | December 2, 2020

Plaintiff’s daughter accused: Girlfriend called her boyfriend to her home and stole Rs 7.34 lakh to start a business, needed money to open a job placement agency

Police investigation reveals that boyfriend got his loan by putting his gold chain in Muthoot Finance
The plaintiff went to Delhi with the family on November 24 and handed over the house key to the nephew

Crime Reporter | The theft in the closed house of a railway locomotive pilot living in Relangar of Rajkot city was solved by the police. The girl had planned to steal from her own house and her boyfriend carried out the theft. Police rushed to the spot and seized all the stolen items including two gold biscuits.

Francisbhai Lalitshan Christian, who lives in Rameshwar Park in Relangar and works as a locomotive pilot in the railways, had lodged a complaint of theft at the P. Nagar police station. Francisbhai said in the complaint that he and his family, including his wife and daughter Ryanci, had gone to Delhi by train at 9 pm on the 24th and returned on the 29th. The key to his house was given to his nephew Nilofar, who lived nearby. When the Christian family returned and unlocked the main door of the house, all the items in the closet were found scattered and the theft was suspected to have taken place.

Muddamal seized by the police
1. Gold Biscuit No. 2 (Price – 5,49,000)
2. Cash Rs 55,100
3. Duplicate key no-1
4. Jupiter motorcycle (price -30 thousand)

As soon as the theft was reported, a team from P. Nagar and Crime Branch reached the spot. The smuggler did not break the lock to enter the building, and police focused the investigation in that direction as soon as they suspected the lock had been opened with a duplicate key. Meanwhile, Crime Branch PSI Rabari and Head Constable Pratap Singh Zala came to know that Francisbhai’s daughter Ryansi was having an affair with Parth Navneet Bhatt, a resident of Sarita Vihar Society on University Road and engaged in vehicle dealing, and her involvement in the theft. When the police arrived, Parth Bhatt was trying to get out on a scooter, the police stopped him and started interrogation, Parth Bhatt collapsed in a police-style interrogation and confessed to the theft. Police opened the deck of the scooter and found cash, gold biscuits and jewelery.

In the interrogation, Parth Bhatt confessed that he had previously fallen in love with Francisbhai’s daughter Ryanci while living in Relangar and the two were also in a Levine relationship three years ago, but separated after three months together, although the love affair between the two remained intact.

Parth and Ryanci wanted to take a job placement agency and needed a deposit amount for that. Ryanci had the idea of ​​stealing from his own house to arrange money for the business, but Moka was waiting. Ryanci became active when he decided to go to the house of a relative living in Delhi and planned the theft. On the first day before the Christian family left for Delhi at 9 pm on the 24th, Ryansi called her boyfriend Parth near her house and gave her the house key. Returned. The next day after the Christian family left, Parth arrived at their home on the 25th and opened the door with a duplicate key and broke in. Police arrested Reansy and Parth and began a special interrogation.

Ryanshi’s father Francisbhai had lodged a complaint of theft at the Pradyumnagar police station
People working as pilots in the railways and Ryanshi’s father Francisbhai Lalitsen Christian had lodged a complaint of theft at the Pradyumnagar police station. On November 24, he and his wife and son, daughter and niece’s daughter boarded a train from Rajkot to Delhi, the complaint said. The house key was given to nephew Nilofar. Later on the morning of November 25, they boarded a train from Delhi to Ahmedabad. From there he boarded the train to Rajkot. Nephew called Nilofer to make dinner. Then 10 minutes later the nephew called and said that the back door of your house is open. So Francisbhai asked his nephew to open the key of the house and check inside.

The nephew went inside the house and saw that the belongings were scattered
Nephew Nilofar called Mama Francisbhai and said that the luggage was scattered inside your house and the locker was also broken. So the nephew asked to report to the police. Then, about one o’clock in the afternoon, Francisbhai arrived home. He found Rs 2,000, Rs 500 and Rs 100 currency notes worth Rs. 1,60,000, two gold biscuits worth Rs. Gold chains of Rs 5,49,000 and Rs 25,000 were missing. The back door of the kitchen was also open. The main door of the house had an interlock. After opening the lock, someone entered the house, broke the locker fitted between the cupboards and found cash, gold biscuits, chains inside and stole a total of Rs 7,31,000.

The police thus resolved the whole distinction
Pradyumnagar police immediately visited the house of complainant Francisbhai. Later in the investigation, it came out that the interlock was opened due to duplicate running and the needle of suspicion was pointed at the members of the house. Police later questioned Francisbhai’s son and his nephew.


Meanwhile, different DCB teams were working with personal sources and technical surveillance to differentiate the crime. Later, Pradyumnagar police station head constables Pratapsinh Zala, Digubha Jadeja and Constable Pushparajsinh Jadeja came to know from their personal sources that Francisbhai’s daughter Riyanshi was living in a live-in relationship with her lover Parth and Riyanshi had stolen the house. Police later questioned Parth and revealed the whole fact.