Paytm Kaise Use Kare? – Easy way to send money from Paytm to a bank account!:You all must have heard about Paytm, Paytm is an Indian Online Payment Service that makes sending and receiving your payments easy and secure. Paytm’s full name is “Pay Through Mobile”. You can use Paytm Wallet to use many services.

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Paytm Kaise Use Kare? – Easy way to send money from Paytm to a bank account!

Paytm Kaise Use Kare? – Easy way to send money from Paytm to a bank account!


Paytm Kya Hai? (What is Paytm?)

The founder of Paytm is “Vijay Shekhar Sharma” ji and is headquartered in Noida.


Those who have Smartphones will be familiar with Paytm Wallet and will be using Paytm.

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Paytm Kaise Use Kare
To use Paytm, first of all we have to have a Paytm Account, let us know that Paytm Kaise Banate Hain.

Step 1: Download Paytm App

Step 2: Sign Up
After installing the app, open it in your phone and click on Signup.

Step 3: Enter Details
After this you will have to enter all your details (information) like – your mobile number, your email address (leave it blank if you do not have an email ID), create a new password.

Step 4: Create Paytm Account

Step 5: Enter Personal Details

After the creation of a Paytm Account, now it comes to know about Paytm Se Paise Kaise Bheje and Paytm Me Paise Kaise Dale.

Paytm Me Paise Kaise Jama Kare
Putting money in Paytm is very easy, now let us tell you about the Bank Account Se Paytm Me Paise Kaise Dale Step By Step.

Step 1: Open App
First of all, open the Paytm App.

Step 2: Log In
After opening, log in with the mobile number given by you.

Step 3: Add Money

Step 4: Enter Amount
Add Amount here (the amount you want to add). T

Step 5: Select Payment Method
Now select your Debit / Credit Card.

Step 6: Enter Card Details
After this, a window will open on your screen, in which you will be asked for your debit and credit card information like-

Full debit and credit card number
Debit and Credit Card Validity Date (Expiry Date)
CVV number of debit and credit card (3 digits on the back of the card)
Step 7: Pay Now
After entering all these details, click on Pay Now.

Step 8: Enter OTP
– Know Paytm Account Delete Karne Ka Tarika in a very simple language!