October 1 Horoscope: Aries and Libra people will be more interested in Dharma-karma on Thursday, ego can spoil the relationship between husband and wife

By | October 1, 2020


Positive: – Interest in spirituality and Dharma-karma will make your practice more positive. You can get some important information related to media and marketing, so don’t ignore any phone call today.

Negative: – Be extra careful in investing. Avoid lending money to strangers as there is no hope of their return. Stay away from illegal acts.

Occupation: – A few outside agreements can be obtained in trade.

Love: – There will be a need for mutual cooperation to improve the marital relationship.

Health: – Stale and fried food can upset the stomach.


Positive: – You will get rid of any kind of dilemma and restlessness that has been going on for some time today and you will feel full of energy. Today, the mind will be overjoyed when something impossible happens suddenly.

Negative: – Take care of your important thing, it is likely to be stolen or lost. At the same time, your angry nature can lead to misunderstandings in a few relationships.

Business: – If there is a legal dispute related to business, pay attention to it today and plan with a lawyer.

Love: – Wrong anger can spoil the atmosphere of the house.

Health: – People with high blood pressure and diabetes should get regular checkups.

Gemini: –

Positive: – You will get some relief from a stressful life today. Today you will feel confident within yourself. Young people are more likely to succeed in interviews, so keep trying.

Negative: – There will be a few worries about money. The time till noon is financially excellent. Focusing on your tasks at this time will solve many of your problems.

Occupation: – Your dignity will be maintained in the workplace and job.

Love: – There will be a program to go to a religious ceremony with the family.

Health: – Health will be excellent.


Positive: – A few important decisions regarding family and finance will come with a positive result. There will be little plans for home renovations. Follow the rules regarding the object.

Negative: – Disputes can occur with a close relative. Anyone can take advantage of your feelings and generosity. Properly check before trusting anyone.

Business: – Try to complete all the work yourself at the business place.

Love: – Collaboration of family and spouse will keep your morale strong.

Health: – There will be joint pain.


Positive: – You will have a significant contribution in social activities today. Which will increase your respect. There will be an increase in work related to any organization. Studying deeply before doing any work will give good results.

Negative: – Keep paperwork related to building, car etc. and make the investment wisely. You will also be troubled by the problem of children. You may have to help a friend financially.

Occupation: – To make all business decisions manually.

Love: – There will be harmony in the relationship between husband and wife.

Health: – Health will be excellent.

Girls: –

Positive: – The work that you have been working hard for the last few days will be more fruitful than expected today. Maintaining a good relationship with friends and relatives will make the mind happy

Negative: – You sometimes plan in your dreams. So come to reality instead of living in fantasies. And understand the reality of life. Understand children’s emotions.

Business: – Today in business will receive some new contracts.

Love: – Since your whole focus is on your business, there will be full cooperation in taking care of your spouse’s home.

Health: – There will be stomach related problems.

Libra: –

Positive: People who are involved in politics can achieve something important today. Your respect in society and family will increase. You will also have a service contribution to a religious organization.

Negative: – There can be some kind of mistake in investing in money. Do not lend money to anyone as there is a possibility of getting back a little bit.

Business: – There is a need to change the current working policies in the business sector.

Love: – The affection of family members towards each other will be maintained.

Health: – Toothache can be irritating.

Scorpio: –

Positive: – Today’s time is mixed fruitful. If you want to get respect from others, you have to respect others first. Intimacy will come in personal relationships. The opponent will fail today.

Negative: – A small dispute with the neighbors can lead to a dispute. It is better to stay away from all these things. You can’t invest as much as you want.

Business: – Put your energy into completing marketing tasks today.

Love: – Family life will be normal.

Health: – Stomach related diseases can occur.

Dhan: –

Positive: – Today is the time to understand-think and introspect. You will be able to achieve a pleasant result through your skills and understanding. Suddenly an impossible task can become possible.

Negative: – There may be some kind of dispute with the brothers in the house and you will also be able to complete it through your dealing skills. Don’t let your ego dominate your dealings.

Business: – There will be some activities in the business related to partnership at present.

Love: – Ego can come between husband and wife.

Health: There will be a viral fever.

Capricorn: –

Positive: – You will be able to complete your work well today. Your talent and personality will come in front of people. Your opponent will not be able to stand against you. Respect will also be maintained in the society.

Negative: – Any work related to home can lead to wrong expenses. Take care of your budget as you will not be able to earn much at present. It is important to have a positive outlook on life.

Occupation: – Work will continue properly in the business of partnership.

Love: – Husband-wife relationship will be normal.

Health: – Health will be excellent.

Aquarius: –

Positive: – Stay focused on current activities without making any important decisions today. The cooperation of family members in any kind of dilemma can help you make a decision.

Negative: – Loss or theft of something important will cause stress. Avoid spoiling the relationship with uncle’s siblings. Don’t let negative thoughts dominate you.

Occupation: – There will be some important opportunities for work progress in the business.

Love: – Spouse collaboration will increase energy and self-confidence.

Health: – Health will be good.


Mean: –

Positive: Pay attention to the advice of the elders of the house. Their advice and blessings will be a blessing to you. The constellations of destiny are gaining momentum and speeding up the stuck tasks.

Negative: – Do a proper check on any new investment or work. Don’t listen to anyone. Flowing in emotions will only hurt you

Business: – The problems that have been going on in the business sector for the last few years, are likely to be partially successful today.

Love: – Take care that misunderstandings do not arise in love relationships.

Health: – Health will be good.