Mother-son suicide in Surat: wrote in the suicide note- ‘I am stuck in a loan, so I commit suicide; It’s my fault but don’t slander me ‘

By | January 5, 2021

Mother-son suicide in Surat: wrote in the suicide note- ‘I am stuck in a loan, so I commit suicide; It’s my fault but don’t slander me ‘

15 days ago wife took daughter to Pierre, Maharshi was living in a rented house

In Peopled, mother and son are trapped together and life is shortened. The frustrated son committed suicide by falling into a bank loan with his mother. Only 15 days ago, his wife took her daughter to Pierre. On Monday afternoon the Maharshi took the final step with the mother. Prior to the suicide, the youth had written a suicide note in which he mentioned that he was taking this step as he was trapped in a loan. Maharshi Pareshbhai Parekh (37), who lives in People’s Milano Heights and works for an online pay application company, lived in a rented house in Peopleod despite having his house at Balaji Road.

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Sometime on Monday afternoon, Maharshi and mother Bhartiben were trapped in the house. After talking about suicide in front of a personal friend for two-three days, the friend ran home on Monday evening without picking up the phone, where the mother-son was found trapped inside the door of the flat. Umra police launched an investigation, in which police found a suicide note. It mentions that he was committing suicide as he was trapped in a loan. Umra police have registered an accidental death and started an investigation into the incident.

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Don’t interrogate anyone after my death

In a suicide note written by Maharishi, he wrote, “Even though I have my own house, I am living in a rented house and I am stuck in a loan, which is why I am taking this step.” I am responsible for this. Don’t question anyone, it’s my fault but don’t slander me. ‘

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Suicide with the thought of what the mother did after death

Maharshi had remarried after getting divorced in the first marriage and also has a daughter during the second marriage. Maharshi used to call his wife, but she did not come from the pier and said that she would come after settling everything. On the other hand, Maharshi is being accused of committing suicide with his mother, thinking of what will happen to his mother after me.

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The friend spoke of suicide in front of Fenil

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહિયાં ક્લિક કરો 

Mahershi’s close friend Fenil used to call Maharshi’s mother as mummy. On Sunday, Bhartiben had breakfast with the trio, expressing his desire to eat Chinese. Later in the night, Maharshi called Fenil and expressed concern about the loan and called Fenil at home but could not go due to curfew as it was 10:30 am. He called to meet him the next day.