Learn mobile hardware repairing postures in Hindi language

By | July 14, 2020

Learn mobile hardware repairing postures in Hindi language,As we are seeing nowadays that many mobile phone companies are coming to the market. And all the people have some or the other mobile. Mobile phone belongs to any company but it is bad. Here we are Will tell you in detail about Mobile Hardware. So that you can easily learn the repairing of mobile phone and make this information,This is beneficial for all those students who want to make a career in the field of mobile repairing, and at the same time, the students friends doing mobile repairing or learning are very easy and needful information,
Learning and doing mobile repairing will be simple and easy.

Because students who are learning mobile repairing and wishing to learn, it takes 1 to 2 months to learn basic mobile repairing. And it is also a waste of money. Therefore, we have tried our best to tell whatever necessary information related to mobile repairing is very easy and simple.Such as: – Equipment used for mobile repairing, Mobile problem and its solution, Information about devices used for mobile repairing, Information about mobile part-space, Mobile circuit board But the names of the components used and their pictures.
Tools used for mobile repairing such as: –

Learn mobile hardware repairing postures in Hindi language

Learn mobile hardware repairing postures in Hindi language

LIC policy also available Hot Airgun Soldering Iron, Soldering Paste, Soldering Wire, Desoldering Wire, Jumper Wire, Soldering Liquid, Acetone Liquid or Thinner, Multimeter, PCB Stand, Screw Driver Set, Magnifying Lamp, BGA Kit, Battery Eliminator (Blow Machine), etc.: –

First of all we need to know about Mobile Hardware Parts: –

It is necessary to have information about all the components that are mounted on the PCB of the mobile hardware.

All hardware faults of mobile phones

Mobile hardware malfunctions – Mobile phones should be of any mobile company, usually any cheap or expensive mobile phones like- Acer, Adcom, Alcatel, Apple, Archos, Asus, BlackBerry, Celkon, Fly, Gionee, Google, HTC, Huawei, iBall , IBerry, Idea, Intex, Karbonn, Lava, Lemon, Lenovo, LG, Maxx Mobile, Micromax, Microsoft, Motorola, MTS, Nokia, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Spice, Swipe, Videocon, Xiaomi, Xolo, ZTE and In all other mobiles, the process of fixing hardware malfunctions is the same.


Practically learning to fix all the hardware malfunctions of the mobile phone –

Rags of Loudspeaker

Ring no

Ring low

Speaker faults

Hearing noises from the speaker

Low voice

Unheard noise from the speaker

Micphone malfunctions

Don’t go out going sound

Out going sound slow

Vibrator motor faults

Vibration hangs and no work

Obstruction of vibration

Network network faults

No network access

Network weakening

Network movement

Battery and charging faults

No battery charging

Battery discharge very quickly

Battery empty screen written

Reconnect Charger written

Sim sim faults

Fix Insert Sim malfunction

Fixing Others Sim Problems

Malfunction of keypad keypad

No 3-4 Key Keypad Working

Not all keys work

Print the same number of times

Press one’s key

Keypad Lite not burning

Fixing dead mobile malfunction

Fixing shortcode from PCB plate of mobile

Display Mobile Display faults

Display not coming

Light on screen only when mobile ON

No light on screen

Appear on screen sometime nothing

Make half the display work

Display broken

Display empty

Mobile shutdown by blinking display

Lying in pocket or running off mobile

Being OFF as soon as Mobile ON

Vibration only on mobile ON

Fixing a fallen mobile

USB mobile not connected to computer

Headphone Headphone Malfunction

FM radio not working

Android mobile overheating malfunction

Bluetooth not working

Having trouble opening Gallery

Mobile hangs while walking

Multimedia memory (memory card) faults

Memory card “Not Open”

Memory card “Not Accept”

Memory card “Corrupted”

Not showing memory card in mobile

Remove Virus Virus from Memory Card Mobile

Camera camera mobile faults

Camera written error

Camera written “Standby”

Camera snaps blurry

Turn off as soon as the camera is on

Photo taken with camera not saved

Touch screen (PDA) mobile faults

Touch screen not working properly

Half Touch Screen Half Working

Fixing all other hardware malfunctions.

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Smartphone and touch screen mobile phone repairing

Touch screen mobile opening and disassembly

Fixing all hardware and software malfunctions.

Repairing Smartphone Mobile at its own level.

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