Jai Kashtabhanjandev Salangpur

By | September 5, 2020

Jai Kashtabhanjandev Salangpur

Hanuman Temple, Salangpur Kashtabhanjan is a temple of Lord Hanuman located in Salangpur village in Botad district of Gujarat. It is also known as Hanuman of Salangpur. This temple comes under the control of Vadtal Gadi of Swaminarayan sect.


The idol of Ishtadev Kashtabhanjan Hanuman Dada of the temple was erected by Gopalananda Swami of Swaminarayan sect. This Hanumanji was revered by Saint Gopalananda Swami, the first class of Lord Swaminarayan, when the village court, Wagha Khachar, was in a dilemma. At that time Hanumanji’s body started shaking.

Then Gopalananda Swami fixed the idol with a wooden stick and placed the deity. Since then, devotees have flocked to this temple to destroy ghosts, vampires, witches. The new type of temple which is currently under construction was done by Shastriji Maharaj. They were born around AD. The abbot remained in office around 150 AD.

To see the first (Mars) Aarti, you can get a bus from Ahmedabad at 10:30 and 12:30 at night which lands directly near the temple. The first Tuesday Aarti is held at the temple at 8:30 am.


This place is about 153 km away from Ahmedabad and the nearest big city is Botad.

Jai Kashtabhanjandev Salangpur Salangpur