If you too are thinking of learning something new

By | July 14, 2020

If you too are thinking of learning something new, Friends, I am going to write a post for all of you after a long time due to not getting time, I hope you will like it, and you will get to understand a lot.
Friends, the purpose of making this post is that you do not believe in any task without thinking and knowing it well, nor start that work because doing so is only loss. Because I met many people who have been doing computer hardware networking etc. courses from different coaching centers.


If you too are thinking of learning something new

If you too are thinking of learning something new

And even today they are unemployed, and why they are unemployed, they realized after wasting both their time and money, such institutes only believe in the appearance. And their marketing is such that – once we go there Let’s think that our future is bright here. But when we realize that we have done wrong by taking admission here, by then it is too late.

So what I mean to say is that if you too are thinking something like this, then be cautious, because you will find such institutes in every city and towns, they have only one objective and only earn money. So beware of such people, and we should not run after the appearance and big name. As you all know, technology-related information is available on this site.

If we go for training in equipment such as computer hardware, networking, laptop repairing, mobile hardware and software repairing, printer repairing etc. wherever we go, only theory is explained to us, and we all should understand that all these things We are not going to get anything from the theory. Because after learning all this work we will either have to work somewhere, or start our own shop. We will only get practical work in these places, so as much as we need Chori theory is good, but we should focus exclusively on practicals.

And if we have taken admission in such an institute, then take a pledge that we will talk to our teacher only on practical, because if we learn practical then theory will come to us automatically and in future it will always be practical.

So friends in today’s post, that’s all you get soon in the next post and I will try that now on this site every day you get to learn something new.

Friends, you will all be familiar with the name of the computer. Nevertheless, I am going to tell you all about computer hardware from beginning to end, as far as I know, there are many websites and channels online and there are also many Surrey institutes where we try to learn both free and paid. But we feel at last that we have been deceived and our money has been drowned.

But here we will try to teach you all the notes and practical teachings. For this, all of you read it every day and you can also follow the practice by visiting our YouTube channel.