Home Based Diets for Weight Loss

By | April 20, 2022

Home Based Diets for Weight Loss



In today’s competitive business world and busy lifestyles home based diets home based diets are utmost important for every age groups. Home Based diets for weight loss as the topic suggests provides tips on home based foods and supplements specially designed for weight loss program. Those who are planning to reduce weights naturally with home based diets are welcome to this article.

It is well said that what you eat is utmost important for your overall physical and mental strengths. Diet is the very first stage for human body transformations. Every athlete or sports man are highly cautious about it. But many guys in their routing life are not able to maintain it. Every individuals have their own excuses about it but all are aware and agree to the fact of effects of diets on human body.

In our previous article (https://aeroindianews.com/weight-loss-diet/) we have given basic information about weight loss diets, consequences of improper diets & up coming topics on fast and effective ways of weight loss diets for variety of human beings with their hectic lifestyles.

Home based diets are fast and cost effective as well as time convenient. It is the most natural way for healthy and fit lifestyle. Most of the celebrities and athletes are focusing on natural home based diets due to the following benefits:

  • To improve your immune system
  • To decrease the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, etc.
  • To improve your energy levels
  • To gain better sleep at night
  • To decrease your health issues


To understand the need of good diets lets understand the types of human body which is broadly categorized mainly into 3 types which are:

  • Ectomorph – Need less to say ectomorph are normally lean, tall and slim and struggles to gain muscles but they dont become fatty quickly when they do not workout much.
  • Endomorph – Opposite to ectomorph. They build muscles easily and have natural good shape and high fat levels. But mostly find it tough to restrict unwanted body weight again.
  • Mesomorph – Have high metabolism, athletic body built up naturally or genetically. Normally very few people falls under this category.

We all are more or less the combination of two of the these three types.


Almost all individuals are desired to achieve transformation to their body & fitness level. Here we have given our 1st Tip to gain low fat lean body structure with the help of the home based diet program as per below:


Low Fat & Lean Body Diet Chart


Approximate Calorie – 265 gm
Minimum and Maximum duration : 8 weeks to as long as you can follow
Macro nutrients:

  • Protein = 14 gm approximately
  • Carbohydrates = 6 gm approximately
  • Fibers=10 gm approximately



150 gm Tofu Paneer (Soya Paneer)


70 gm Sprouts







(Note: Always consult your family physician before applying it specially if you are suffering from any kind of disease)

In the coming articles we will provide more of this types of diet charts for all types of human body transformations.

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