Grand reception at Sasari: Bride was warmly welcomed at Sasari

By | May 9, 2021

Grand reception at Sasari: Bride was warmly welcomed at Sasari, spectacular fireworks were set off in the sky, 2 lakh people watched the video


There are often videos on social media that amaze you. Nowadays, people also pay special attention to wedding decorations along with new customs at weddings. Recently, a video of a bride went viral on Twitter, which will make your heart happy.

આ પણ વાંચો :- પોસ્ટ ઓફિસની આ સ્કીમમાં રોજ 300 રૂપિયા જમા કરો અને મેળવો 1.1 કરોડ, આવી રીતે મળશે લાભ

The welcome of the bride won the hearts of the people
Everyone wants to make every moment of the wedding special in their life so that it becomes memorable. People from both the bride and groom party leave no stone unturned to make it special. The video of a bridal entry is getting a lot of likes on social media. In this video the bride is prepared for her grand reception when she arrives at her father-in-law. Fireworks were set off in the sky for his memorable welcome.

આ પણ વાંચો :- મોદી સરકાર આ મહિલાના ખાતામાં 5 હજાર મોકલી રહી છે પૂરી માહિતી મેળવો  

About 2 lakh people watched the video
About 2 lakh people have watched this video so far. About one and a half thousand people have also retweeted this video. The caption of the video reads – Dream Entry Of Every Girl. Users are making funny comments on this video. Everyone is praising the groom’s party. Everyone has loved this marvelous estimate of the entry.

આ પણ વાંચો :- હવે આ રીતે ગેસ બુકિંગ કરાવી બિલકુલ ફ્રીમાં મેળવો LPG સિલિન્ડર

Be careful in marriage during the Corona period
Corona transition is spreading rapidly in the country these days. If you are also going to a wedding occasion then follow the social distance and wear a mask. As well as periodically hand sanitizing.