Samsung ‘Galaxy Buds Live’ earbuds leaked before launch, find out its features and specifications

Samsung ‘Galaxy Buds Live’ earbuds leaked before launch, find out its features and specifications


Mystic White, Mystic Bronze and Mystic Black color variants of Galaxy Buds Live will be launched
It will have active noise cancellation technology
Qi wireless charging support can be found in earbuds
Divya Bhaskar Jul 18, 2020, 02:42 PM IST
South Korean tech company Samsung will launch multiple products with its wireless earbuds ‘Galaxy Buds Live’ at the ‘Galaxy Unpack 2020’ event on August 5. A picture of earbuds before the launch has been leaked. Tech tipster Evan Blas tweeted and leaked pictures of ‘Galaxy Buds Live’.

According to Evan’s tweet, the Mystic White, Mystic Bronze and Mystic Black color variants of ‘Galaxy Buds Live’ will be launched. It also has voice cancellation technology. However, according to some media reports, these earbuds may also be launched under the name ‘Galaxy Buds 2’.

Features and Specifications of Galaxy Buds Live

According to Korean media reports, Galaxy Buds Live will feature Active Noise Cancellation technology.
One earpiece will have 3 microphones and 2 speakers.
These earbuds have Qi wireless charging support. It allows users to charge earbuds only from mobiles with wireless charging support.
It can be spelled and dustproof like other brands of earbuds.
It will offer 45 hours of playback with a charging case.
These earbuds can cost around 11 150 to around Rs 11,238.

How to Pay Electricity Bill Online In Gujarat l Check Your Bill Now

How to Pay Electricity Bill Online In Gujarat l Check Your Bill Now : Electricity Bill Payment Online – One such phase is going on nowadays. In which people have no time at all. Nowadays people have become quite busy in this life of running. Due to which people have a lot of time. For this reason, sometimes some of our domestic and important jobs are also lost. In such a busy life, if you have to go round an office or stand in a line. So it becomes quite a difficult task. Technology has also supported a lot in the life of the race.

Due to which today you can do many things online in 2 minutes while sitting at home. Similarly, if you have to pay Electricity Bill Payment, now you will not have to go round any office. You can do Electricity Bill Payment Online from your mobile, laptop, PC in 2 minutes from the time of sitting at home. Today we are going to tell you here. How can you do Electricity Bill Payment Online using your mobile from home.

How to Pay Electricity Bill Online In Gujarat l Check Your Bill Now lazyload

How to Pay Electricity Bill Online In Gujarat l Check Your Bill Now

How to Pay Electricity Bill Online In Gujarat l Check Your Bill Now

Almost all the electricity companies of India have arranged to make Electricity Bill Payment Online online to facilitate their consumers. To make Electricity Bill Payment of any company, you have to go to their official website. So today we are going to tell you about the easiest way to do Electricity Bill Payment Online here. Using which you can make electricity bill payment online very easily.

GEB online light bill payment, torrent power How to Pay Electricity Bill Online In Gujarat (Easy Way to Pay Electricity Bill )

#how i pay my electric bill online?

#बिजली का बिल ऑनलाइन कैसे भरें ?

Check Your Bill :-

Pay Your Bill :- Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Limited (MGVCL)

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Torrent Power Bill Payment – Quick Pay

Learn mobile hardware repairing postures in Hindi language

Learn mobile hardware repairing postures in Hindi language,As we are seeing nowadays that many mobile phone companies are coming to the market. And all the people have some or the other mobile. Mobile phone belongs to any company but it is bad. Here we are Will tell you in detail about Mobile Hardware. So that you can easily learn the repairing of mobile phone and make this information,This is beneficial for all those students who want to make a career in the field of mobile repairing, and at the same time, the students friends doing mobile repairing or learning are very easy and needful information,
Learning and doing mobile repairing will be simple and easy.

Because students who are learning mobile repairing and wishing to learn, it takes 1 to 2 months to learn basic mobile repairing. And it is also a waste of money. Therefore, we have tried our best to tell whatever necessary information related to mobile repairing is very easy and simple.Such as: – Equipment used for mobile repairing, Mobile problem and its solution, Information about devices used for mobile repairing, Information about mobile part-space, Mobile circuit board But the names of the components used and their pictures.
Tools used for mobile repairing such as: –

Learn mobile hardware repairing postures in Hindi language
Learn mobile hardware repairing postures in Hindi language

LIC policy also available Hot Airgun Soldering Iron, Soldering Paste, Soldering Wire, Desoldering Wire, Jumper Wire, Soldering Liquid, Acetone Liquid or Thinner, Multimeter, PCB Stand, Screw Driver Set, Magnifying Lamp, BGA Kit, Battery Eliminator (Blow Machine), etc.: –

First of all we need to know about Mobile Hardware Parts: –

It is necessary to have information about all the components that are mounted on the PCB of the mobile hardware.

All hardware faults of mobile phones

Mobile hardware malfunctions – Mobile phones should be of any mobile company, usually any cheap or expensive mobile phones like- Acer, Adcom, Alcatel, Apple, Archos, Asus, BlackBerry, Celkon, Fly, Gionee, Google, HTC, Huawei, iBall , IBerry, Idea, Intex, Karbonn, Lava, Lemon, Lenovo, LG, Maxx Mobile, Micromax, Microsoft, Motorola, MTS, Nokia, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Spice, Swipe, Videocon, Xiaomi, Xolo, ZTE and In all other mobiles, the process of fixing hardware malfunctions is the same.


Practically learning to fix all the hardware malfunctions of the mobile phone –

Rags of Loudspeaker

Ring no

Ring low

Speaker faults

Hearing noises from the speaker

Low voice

Unheard noise from the speaker

Micphone malfunctions

Don’t go out going sound

Out going sound slow

Vibrator motor faults

Vibration hangs and no work

Obstruction of vibration

Network network faults

No network access

Network weakening

Network movement

Battery and charging faults

No battery charging

Battery discharge very quickly

Battery empty screen written

Reconnect Charger written

Sim sim faults

Fix Insert Sim malfunction

Fixing Others Sim Problems

Malfunction of keypad keypad

No 3-4 Key Keypad Working

Not all keys work

Print the same number of times

Press one’s key

Keypad Lite not burning

Fixing dead mobile malfunction

Fixing shortcode from PCB plate of mobile

Display Mobile Display faults

Display not coming

Light on screen only when mobile ON

No light on screen

Appear on screen sometime nothing

Make half the display work

Display broken

Display empty

Mobile shutdown by blinking display

Lying in pocket or running off mobile

Being OFF as soon as Mobile ON

Vibration only on mobile ON

Fixing a fallen mobile

USB mobile not connected to computer

Headphone Headphone Malfunction

FM radio not working

Android mobile overheating malfunction

Bluetooth not working

Having trouble opening Gallery

Mobile hangs while walking

Multimedia memory (memory card) faults

Memory card “Not Open”

Memory card “Not Accept”

Memory card “Corrupted”

Not showing memory card in mobile

Remove Virus Virus from Memory Card Mobile

Camera camera mobile faults

Camera written error

Camera written “Standby”

Camera snaps blurry

Turn off as soon as the camera is on

Photo taken with camera not saved

Touch screen (PDA) mobile faults

Touch screen not working properly

Half Touch Screen Half Working

Fixing all other hardware malfunctions.

mobile hardware repairing, mobile repairing, free mobile corse

Smartphone and touch screen mobile phone repairing

Touch screen mobile opening and disassembly

Fixing all hardware and software malfunctions.

Repairing Smartphone Mobile at its own level.

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How to use multimeter

What are diodes and how to check

Inside mobile

If you too are thinking of learning something new

If you too are thinking of learning something new, Friends, I am going to write a post for all of you after a long time due to not getting time, I hope you will like it, and you will get to understand a lot.
Friends, the purpose of making this post is that you do not believe in any task without thinking and knowing it well, nor start that work because doing so is only loss. Because I met many people who have been doing computer hardware networking etc. courses from different coaching centers.


If you too are thinking of learning something new
If you too are thinking of learning something new

And even today they are unemployed, and why they are unemployed, they realized after wasting both their time and money, such institutes only believe in the appearance. And their marketing is such that – once we go there Let’s think that our future is bright here. But when we realize that we have done wrong by taking admission here, by then it is too late.

So what I mean to say is that if you too are thinking something like this, then be cautious, because you will find such institutes in every city and towns, they have only one objective and only earn money. So beware of such people, and we should not run after the appearance and big name. As you all know, technology-related information is available on this site.

If we go for training in equipment such as computer hardware, networking, laptop repairing, mobile hardware and software repairing, printer repairing etc. wherever we go, only theory is explained to us, and we all should understand that all these things We are not going to get anything from the theory. Because after learning all this work we will either have to work somewhere, or start our own shop. We will only get practical work in these places, so as much as we need Chori theory is good, but we should focus exclusively on practicals.

And if we have taken admission in such an institute, then take a pledge that we will talk to our teacher only on practical, because if we learn practical then theory will come to us automatically and in future it will always be practical.

So friends in today’s post, that’s all you get soon in the next post and I will try that now on this site every day you get to learn something new.

Friends, you will all be familiar with the name of the computer. Nevertheless, I am going to tell you all about computer hardware from beginning to end, as far as I know, there are many websites and channels online and there are also many Surrey institutes where we try to learn both free and paid. But we feel at last that we have been deceived and our money has been drowned.

But here we will try to teach you all the notes and practical teachings. For this, all of you read it every day and you can also follow the practice by visiting our YouTube channel.

Postal Life Insurance – PLI Premium Online Payment kaise Kare

Postal Life Insurance – PLI Premium Online Payment kaise Kare :Most people invest in Postal Life Insurance. Because it starts with the most simple, Low Premium. There is also a good provision for Bonus. Earlier, one had to travel to a Post Office to deposit the premium of PLI. But the internet has increased the option to pay at home. Now you can also pay PLI premium online from the internet sitting at home. Here is that the step by step information about making PLI Premium Online Payment.

Postal Life Insurance – PLI Premium Online Payment kaise Kare

PLI premium online kaise jama kare the way to pay

Postal Life Insurance – PLI Premium Online Payment kaise Kare lazyload
Postal Life Insurance – PLI Premium Online Payment kaise Kare

Step: 1
First of all, you have to get the customer ID by creating an account in India Post website.
Click this link: Postal life assurance customer id generate
Now you will see this page. Out of this, click on Generate Customer ID.
PLI Online Payment
Step: 2
On clicking Generate Customer ID, a POPUP page will open. In this, you have to add all the details of Insurance Poilicy.

PLI Premium Online payment kaise kare
You will get all the information from the PLI Book or from the policy documents.

Policy Number: Write your policy number like it is written.
Sum Assured: Write a policy of how many rupees: Example: 300000, 500000…. etc.
Insured First Name: Write your first name in the book.
Date OF birthday: Janmtarikh – Write DOB.
Select gender: Male – Female.
Mobile Number: Write what you gave at the time of your policy.
Email Address: Enter your Email Address
Enter The Latter: Write the word mentioned.
After filling all the small print , click on the Submit option. ]

Step: 3
Now a mail-SMS will come to your mobile number and email address, in which you will be given a customer id and password.

Login with the help of this customer ID password.

Also read: security tips for online cashless payment
Step: 4
Now go to the login page again or click on the link given here and go to the direct login page.

click: Login P.L.I Premium Online Payment

Now again this login page will be open.

Login PLI Premium online
Here first you have to enter Customer ID and Password. (Which is from email.)
Later write to the given Letters.
Click login
Step: 5
Now a new page will open in front of you, in this you will see many options.

how to pay online postel life insurance premium payment
Now click on the payment option.

You will see all the small print of your Postal life assurance .

online pli policy premium payment
Now you have to click on the Policy Number.

Step: 6
Clicking on the policy number will open a page. In this, you do not have to change anything.

You have to write this for just how many months you are making PLI Premium Online Payment.

pli online payment step by step
After writing this for the month you want to pay, you will see the option of Conform payment in it, click it.
After converting the premium payment, an equivalent page will open again and you’ll see the choice of Pay Now below. Click it.
pay online pli premium payment
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Step: 7
Now you have to pay with Online Debit Card.

Clicking on Pay Now, the second page will open.

postel life insurance online premium payment jankari hindi
In this page, select the other bank credit – debit card option.

Write the 16 digit number of your debit card – ATM card. (4 numbers in 1 box)
Write Debit Card Expiry date.
Write the card CVV number 9 3 digits).
Click submit
Now the second page will be open. In this, you have to write the OTP number. OTP will come to your mobile number.

online pli payment method hindi me jankari
On clicking Make Payment, PLI Premium Online Payment are going to be done successfully.

Your payment has been done, its Jankari will be given to you from MSG in mobile and by email.

Payment Recipt can also be printed by mail.

Useful Information: home loan Information Hindi – How to get it?
Extra Inning:
In this way, you no longer need to go to fill Postal Life Insurance premium. You will be able to pay in only 5 Minuts from mobile or computer-laptop while sitting at home.

If you create PLI Premium Online Payment and any problem comes, then do tell us within the comment. We will assist you.

How do you have to like this text “Postal life assurance – PLI Premium Online Payment kaise Kare”.

Share and tell other friends as well.

Thank you…!!!

You can fill LIC premiums online like this

You can fill LIC premiums online like this :LIC Premium Online Kaise Jama Kare Today you will know through this post. Hope you like all our posts.

How to pay LIC premium online
You can fill LIC premiums online like this

You can fill LIC premiums online like this

LIC Premium Online Kaise Jama Kare Today you will know through this post. Hope you like all our posts.
LIC is India’s most prominent policy company. It provides different types of insurance to Indians.  There are many good plans available of LIC which you can avail.

Contents [show]

It provides insurance to citizens. And the objective of LIC is to protect the future of India’s middle class family and all citizens.  After reading the post completely, you will get full information about it.
LIC Online Payment Kaise Kare
The way to register for LIC Online Payment is very easy. You can register on the LIC portal with the steps mentioned below:
Bike Ka Insurance Kaise Kare – Know Car Insurance Kaise Kare in Hindi!

Go To Website
First of all, you have to go to its website LICindia.In.

Tap On New User
Now you will see 2 options in front of you, click on the option of New User.

Enter Your Details
After clicking on New User, a new page will open in front of you in which you have to give your information:

Policy Number – In this, you have to fill your Policy Number.
Installment Amount – Fill in your Installment Amount.
Aadhar Card Number – Fill your Aadhar Card Number.
Pan Card Number – Fill the PAN card number.
Email Id – Enter your Email Id.
Gender – Select Gender.
Tap on proceed
After filling all the information correctly, read the line of Authorization and Acceptance thoroughly and click on the Proceed button given in front of it.
By clicking on Proceed Button, you will be logged into LIC Website. In this way you can register on LIC and fill your online payment.

Online LIC Premium Kaise Bhare
After registering, you can fill its online premium, know how to fill online premium:

Go To Website
First of all, open its website LICindia.In on your device.

Tap On Online Payment
On the right side of the page which will open, some options will appear in the LIConline Service Portal, click on the option of Online Payment.

Tap On Through Customer Portal
Now the new page will open and click on the option of Through Customer Portal.

Enter Your Details
You have to give your details in it:

Select Role – Select your role.
User Id / Mobile Number – Enter your Id and Mobile Number.
Password – Enter your password.
Sign In – Now you can register in your account by clicking Sign In.
SBI Life Insurance Agent Kaise Bane – Know what is Insurance Agent Banane Ke Fayde in Hindi!

Tap On Online Payments

Tap On Policy Premium Due
Now click on the Policy Premium Due.

Click Pay Renewal Premium / Revival

Select Net Banking
Now select one option from Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card.

Enter Card Details
Enter Net Banking or card details and submit it. In this way, you can fill online LIC Payment by login, which is very simple.

LIC Ka Online Payment Kaise Kare
If you want to fill the payment without login, you can follow this method.

Go To Website
First of all, you have to visit its website LICindia.In.

Click Renewal Premium / Revile
After this, click on the option of Pay Direct on the new page, click on Renewal Premium / Revile in the drop down menu and click on Proceed.

Customer Validation
Now you have to enter some basic details in the Customer Validation.

Tap on submit
After filling all the information, tick I Agree and click on Submit.

Select Net Banking
After this, select one of the credit card or debit card for payment.

Enter Card Details
Fill in the details of the option you have selected for Net Banking.

Tap on submit
Submit the complete information on the correct filling.

Paytm Kaise Use Kare? – Easy way to send money from Paytm to a bank account!

Paytm Kaise Use Kare? – Easy way to send money from Paytm to a bank account!:You all must have heard about Paytm, Paytm is an Indian Online Payment Service that makes sending and receiving your payments easy and secure. Paytm’s full name is “Pay Through Mobile”. You can use Paytm Wallet to use many services.

Paytm wallet subscriber base reaches 200 million | Business News ...
Paytm Kaise Use Kare? – Easy way to send money from Paytm to a bank account!

Paytm Kaise Use Kare? – Easy way to send money from Paytm to a bank account!


Paytm Kya Hai? (What is Paytm?)

The founder of Paytm is “Vijay Shekhar Sharma” ji and is headquartered in Noida.


Those who have Smartphones will be familiar with Paytm Wallet and will be using Paytm.

Did you read this post: DTH Recharge Kaise Kare? Dish TV Recharge Kaise Kare? – Know Phone Pe, Paytm and Google Pay Se DTH Recharge Kaise Kare in Hindi!

Paytm Kaise Use Kare
To use Paytm, first of all we have to have a Paytm Account, let us know that Paytm Kaise Banate Hain.

Step 1: Download Paytm App

Step 2: Sign Up
After installing the app, open it in your phone and click on Signup.

Step 3: Enter Details
After this you will have to enter all your details (information) like – your mobile number, your email address (leave it blank if you do not have an email ID), create a new password.

Step 4: Create Paytm Account

Step 5: Enter Personal Details

After the creation of a Paytm Account, now it comes to know about Paytm Se Paise Kaise Bheje and Paytm Me Paise Kaise Dale.

Paytm Me Paise Kaise Jama Kare
Putting money in Paytm is very easy, now let us tell you about the Bank Account Se Paytm Me Paise Kaise Dale Step By Step.

Step 1: Open App
First of all, open the Paytm App.

Step 2: Log In
After opening, log in with the mobile number given by you.

Step 3: Add Money

Step 4: Enter Amount
Add Amount here (the amount you want to add). T

Step 5: Select Payment Method
Now select your Debit / Credit Card.

Step 6: Enter Card Details
After this, a window will open on your screen, in which you will be asked for your debit and credit card information like-

Full debit and credit card number
Debit and Credit Card Validity Date (Expiry Date)
CVV number of debit and credit card (3 digits on the back of the card)
Step 7: Pay Now
After entering all these details, click on Pay Now.

Step 8: Enter OTP
– Know Paytm Account Delete Karne Ka Tarika in a very simple language!