Blocked on WhatsApp? Unblock yourself from your own phone with this easy trick

By | December 10, 2020

Blocked on WhatsApp? Unblock yourself from your own phone with this easy trick

Tech Desk: In today’s time, most people chat with each other on WhatsApp. Due to the convenience of video calls and audio calls, people prefer WhatsApp. Many times, while talking, something is debated and people block each other. You do not even have a chance to explain your point or to give your clarification. Today we have brought a solution to your problem. If you have also been blocked by someone on WhatsApp, then you can unblock yourself without touching his phone. This is quite an easy trick but many people are not aware of itā€¦

After Facebook, WhatsApp is the second most used social site in the world. There is hardly any person who does not have WhatsApp in his smartphone.

Earlier, WhatsApp could only be used in mobile. But now through WhatsApp web it can also be used in laptop or desktop. However, it is still mostly used in mobile.

There are many features available on WhatsApp. From security to privacy, many new features are added to it from time to time. There is also an option to block someone. If you do not want to have any contact with the person in front, then you can block it.

But many times someone is blocked in misunderstanding. In such a situation, they get upset that why they were blocked? If this has happened to you too, today we are going to tell you the easy way to unblock yourself. This allows you to unblock yourself in minutes.

When talking to someone suddenly stops seeing his DP, then understand that you have been blocked. Apart from this, if you have sent a message to someone, and it is seen as a single tick, that is, you have been blocked.

In such a situation, to unblock yourself, first go to the settings of WhatsApp. From there you have to click on the account option.

There will be an option to delete my account. On clicking here you will be asked your mobile number. Enter it and delete your account. Also uninstall WhatsApp.

Now reboot or restart the phone. Now go to PlayStore again and install WhatsApp. Enter the number and create a WhatsApp account.

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You will automatically get unblocked after creating an account. Also, the number of contacts in your phone will also come in your friend list.