Bihari youth sleeping in bed at night in Vajdi village of Rajkot was stabbed in the head by unknown persons

By | September 18, 2020

Murder: Bihari youth sleeping in bed at night in Vajdi village of Rajkot was stabbed in the head by unknown persons

  • Mystery about who killed a Bihari youth with a puncture joint cabin
  • He slept on the bed in the roof of the cabin at night, his body lying in the morning
  • As many as three sharp weapon wounds were found in the head, police conducted an investigation

The body of Mohammad Jashim Shah (27), a native of Bihar, was found murdered on Viradi Vajdi village on Kalawad Road in Rajkot. Mohammed was working on the puncture. Last night, he was sleeping in a cot near the cabin when strangers stabbed him in the head with a sharp weapon. His body was found near the puncture joint cabin near his room with head injuries. University police rushed to the spot as soon as the incident was reported and Mohammed’s body was shifted to the hospital for PM.

The FSL team also rushed to the spot
According to the information received, the body of Mohammad, who lived in Vajdi and had a puncture repair cabin near the room, was found in a bloody state near the puncture cabin near his house. The 108’s EMT Arvindbhai and pilot Rahimbhai informed the university police. In addition, DCP Manohar Singh Jadeja, ACP p. That. Officers, including Diora, also arrived. FSL officials were also called to the spot.

The deceased has a son and a daughter
The deceased Mohammed had serious head injuries. There was an injury that was hit by a blunt object. However, his family members said that the deceased did not have any head-on collision. The deceased was the third of four brothers and two sisters. Settled here from Bihar for eighty years. Her parents live in Bihar.

His wife’s name is Rosinakhatun and they have a daughter Gudiya (age 4) and a son Bholu (age 8). At night, the young man slept on a bed near his puncture cabin. When Mohammed’s daughter came to Puncher’s cabin in the morning, she was shocked to see her father bleeding. Which caused others to be informed.

The Stone Killer was killed in Rajkot 12 days ago
The murder took place 12 days ago in Navrangpara of Mwdi plot in Rajkot. Stone killer Mahesh alias Haresh, who stoned three of my beggars to death in 2009, was found stoned to death. Police reached the spot and shifted the body to the hospital for PM to conduct further investigation.


Police received a call from a man named Dubai in the control room and he said in the phone that a corpse had fallen on the roof of the shop, let’s find it. Police later arrested the three men who killed the Stone Killer. In which it was revealed that Ajit, the son of Stone Killer’s religion, had killed him. All the three accused are currently in jail.