04 New Religious System

(CONCODA, 1802) During the Revolution, a state of disharmony arose between the state and staunch Catholic Christians. Due to the efforts by the revolutionaries to establish state control over the church, many religious officials, and many Catholic Christians, due to the anti-Christian activities of the reign of terror, became disenchanted with the revolution and sympathized with the reactionary elements. The Pope also severed ties with the French government.

Napoleon seeks political support from Pope and disgruntled Catholic Christians of France
Was, but he also wanted to maintain effective state control over religion. What did Napoleon think about religion? He said, ‘I do not believe in religions, I became a Muslim in Egypt and thus could move there, I became an’ ultramontane ‘(populist) to win the support of the Italian clergy… .. here (in France ) I will become a Catholic for the good of the people. ‘Napoleon did not believe in the independent importance of religion, but he considered religious sentiment useful for socio-political purposes. In the words of Napoleon, “People must have religion, but that religion must be in the hands of the government.” I do not look at the mystery of incarnation in religion, but the mystery of social order.

Napoleon’s efforts resulted in a ‘Concordat’ between the government of France and the Pope in 1801, after long-term consultations with the then Pope Pius VII. This religion
Through the Treaty, Catholic Christianity was formally approved in France. Although
Catholic Christianity was not declared the religion of France, and the religious of the French people
The spirit of freedom and religious tolerance was maintained in the same way, however, in the Synod, it was accepted that the majority of the French people are Catholic apostates. The Pope renounced his rights over the church lands acquired during the Revolution in France, and France. The government took the responsibility of paying salaries to the priests. The new bishops were nominated by the First Consul (Napoleon). The pledge of loyalty to the government of France before the new bishops could take over. Thus Catholicism was re-established in France, but as Savage (Modern Europe to 1870) wrote, ‘The Catholic Church Now with the kingdom, Louis of the sixteenth era. Compared more strongly, in comparison. ‘

The above ‘Dharmasandhi’ was an important success of Napoleon. On the one hand it has been
Give formal approval of the Pope and Catholic Christians to important changes made in the field of religion. On the other hand, the French government gained the support of the disgruntled Catholic Christians of the Revolution. The above ‘religious observance’ proved so useful for both sides, that for the next 103 years (until 1905) it was the reciprocal of the French government and the Church. The regulatory treaty of relations remained.

05 Napoleon’s Law Code
Before the Revolution, under the Archaic system, there were so many different laws prevailing in different regions of France that France was like a legal wilderness, although in the first written constitution (1791) of France after the Revolution, there was talk of bringing uniformity in the laws. It was said, and the government of the ‘National Conference’ also initiated efforts in this direction, but the task remained incomplete during the revolution of France’s revolutionary decade (1789 to 1799). The need of the hour was to have uniformity in the laws of France, that every citizen should have clear knowledge of their legal rights, and that the important changes during the revolutionary period should have a solid legal basis. Napoleon accepted the challenge. In August, 1800, a committee of four eminent jurists called for the preparation of a code of laws of France. Napoleon took a personal interest in the activities of this committee, and from his ideological consciousness and legislative point of view contributed significantly in the formulation of a new law-code.

In March 1804, the new law code of France was implemented. This code was called ‘Napoleon’s
The Code of Napoleon has been given the name of the Civil Code.
1804). Napoleon’s law code became famous in the country and abroad for its simplicity, precision and precision. An important feature of this law-code was that it made the fundamental legacy of the revolution related to the rights of man legally safe.
Some other specific codes later in France’s ‘Civil Code’ or ‘Napoleon’s Code of Law’
Were formed and added, which were as follows: ‘Code of Civil Procedure’
Procedure, 1806); ‘Code of Commerce’ (Code of Commerce, 1807); ‘Code of Criminal Procedurc, I808’ and ‘Penal Code, 1810’.

Napoleon’s Code of Laws strengthened the achievements of the revolution such as the right to civil equality, law free from religious influence and religious tolerance, inheritance for all heirs.
Equality, land ownership of farmers, feudalism and abolition of privileges, abolition of slavery, etc.
The uniformity and clarity of the laws was a unique gift of Napoleon to the French people. Napoleon’s Law Code made all residences in France

Google Pixel 4a ‘smartphone may launch on August 3, find out what specifications the phone will be equipped with

Google Pixel 4a ‘smartphone may launch on August 3, find out what specifications the phone will be equipped with


Tech Tipster tweeted to Joan about the launch of the phone
The phone has a single rear and front camera
A black color variant of the phone may be launched
Divya Bhaskar Jul 28, 2020, 06:33 PM IST
Tech giant Google is all set to launch its upcoming smartphone ‘Google Pixel 4a’. According to Tech Tipster John, the company may launch the phone on August 3. Joanne tweeted a 100% guarantee that ‘Google Pixel 4a’ will launch on August 3rd.

headphone of the week
However, the company has not yet clarified about the launch of the phone. The phone was originally scheduled to launch at a developer event on June 3, but was delayed. The phone was recently spotted in Google’s Canada store. Accordingly, the phone will have a single hole punch display and a rear mounted fingerprint sensor for security. A black color variant of the phone may be launched.

Specification of ‘Google Pixel 4a’

According to some media reports and leaks, the phone may have a 5.8-inch punch hole display.
The phone comes with Android 10 operating system and Snapdragon 730 processor.
The 64GB and 128GB storage variants of the phone may be launched.
The phone may be offered with a single rear camera, according to a report by American tech website The Verge.
The variant with 64GB storage can be priced at $ 299 (approximately Rs. 22,400) and the variant with 128GB storage can be priced at $ 349 (approximately Rs. 26,100).

Samsung ‘Galaxy Buds Live’ earbuds leaked before launch, find out its features and specifications

Samsung ‘Galaxy Buds Live’ earbuds leaked before launch, find out its features and specifications


Mystic White, Mystic Bronze and Mystic Black color variants of Galaxy Buds Live will be launched
It will have active noise cancellation technology
Qi wireless charging support can be found in earbuds
Divya Bhaskar Jul 18, 2020, 02:42 PM IST
South Korean tech company Samsung will launch multiple products with its wireless earbuds ‘Galaxy Buds Live’ at the ‘Galaxy Unpack 2020’ event on August 5. A picture of earbuds before the launch has been leaked. Tech tipster Evan Blas tweeted and leaked pictures of ‘Galaxy Buds Live’.

According to Evan’s tweet, the Mystic White, Mystic Bronze and Mystic Black color variants of ‘Galaxy Buds Live’ will be launched. It also has voice cancellation technology. However, according to some media reports, these earbuds may also be launched under the name ‘Galaxy Buds 2’.

Features and Specifications of Galaxy Buds Live

According to Korean media reports, Galaxy Buds Live will feature Active Noise Cancellation technology.
One earpiece will have 3 microphones and 2 speakers.
These earbuds have Qi wireless charging support. It allows users to charge earbuds only from mobiles with wireless charging support.
It can be spelled and dustproof like other brands of earbuds.
It will offer 45 hours of playback with a charging case.
These earbuds can cost around 11 150 to around Rs 11,238.

India’s chepaest phone price down

India has slashed the price of the world’s best-selling Android smartphone.

The world’s best-selling Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A51, has been made cheaper in India. The smartphone was launched in May at a price of Rs 27,999 and is now available for purchase at a price of Rs 26,999. And within the 6GB RAM variant of this smartphone the price has not been reduced in any way and it is still available at a price of Rs 25250.


Learn mobile hardware repairing postures in Hindi language
Learn mobile hardware repairing postures in Hindi language

The Samsung Galaxy A51 proved to be the best-selling and best-selling Android smartphone within the first court of the year 2020. And this smartphone was said to have been very popular within Europe and Asia.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Specifications

Inside the smartphone is a 6.5-inch Full HD Plus Super Infinity display.

Inside the smartphone is an octa-core Exynos 9611 processor and a 4000 mAh battery that can deliver up to 15 hours of internet usage. As far as the camera is concerned, the smartphone has a 32-megapixel hole selfie camera on the front and a camera set on the back.

The smartphone also comes with dual SIM support with a dedicated microSD card slot. If the connectivity of this smartphone is to be talked about options then inside it comes a lot of options like USB Type C 3.5M Audio Jack Bluetooth version Five Wi-Fi etc.

07 characteristics of the modern era renaissance

07 characteristics of the modern era renaissance
The Renaissance period is actually a bridge or bridge between the medieval and modern times. Renaissance is a symbol of the new intellectual state of mind that gradually brought Europe to the door of modernity. The period of the Renaissance is generally kept from the middle of the fourteenth century AD to the middle of the sixteenth century AD, ie roughly between 1350 AD and 1550 AD.

Literally, Renaissance means the re-awakening of an old dormant historical process. In Europe, the term ‘Renaissance’ was used initially (which has now become rigid) for this period because writers and thinkers in this period showed their interest in studying the disciplines of ancient Greece and Rome and in their new thinking Used many symbols of that period. But the word ‘Renaissance’ is not a true sign of the inner state of the Renaissance period in Europe.

07 characteristics of the modern era renaissance
07 characteristics of the modern era renaissance
The Renaissance was only on a superficial level, like the iceberg whose significant and large part is buried under the surface in water. In the Renaissance period, Europe was in fact undergoing an internal transformation that contained the seeds of a new thought, which later developed to become the basis of a new era – the ‘modern period’. The waves of thought in the backdrop of the Renaissance opened the closed windows of the space of modernity. Historian J.E. In the words of Sven (A History of Word Civilization), ‘Renaissance’ is a collective term that encompasses all intellectual changes that appear in the late medieval and early modern periods.

07 characteristics of the Renaissance era
What were the characteristics of the Renaissance era? There are three pillars of the Renaissance era, which are also the basic elements of modernity, and the beginning of the modern period in the history of any country is considered from there when such elements start appearing there. These are the three pillars: (1) Humanism, ie the belief in the eternal possibilities of independent development of the human personality; (2) Rationalism or prudence-independent independent thinking; And (3) scientific state of mind, that is, not to accept any working relationship in the physical world without proof or proof.
The aforementioned points illustrate a clear rebellion against the medieval tradition, though
In the Renaissance era, this rebellion was expressed in relatively covert or disguised form (in religious symbols).

Hence the Renaissance is not called an era of intellectual rebellion, but an era of intellectual research. However, the inner mindset of the Renaissance era was gradually observing the religious hegemony of the medieval era and igniting society towards an independent thinking system in which the sources of humanism, rationalism and scientific thought were contained in the seed form. That historian Davis has written that, “The word Renaissance symbolizes the birth of the freedom-loving and adventurous idea of ​​man; This idea was in the grip and prison of religious hegemony in the medieval period. In the words of historians Majenis and Apple (history of the world), “This new era, which is known as the Renaissance period, did not come suddenly but it developed gradually over a long period of time.” But there was many evidence of the fact that the Renaissance period was actually the new era.

In the medieval period, the thought of man in Europe was beset by two types of bondage: first, the ideas and way of life propounded by the Church and the bishops had to be accepted blindly, otherwise the punishment of treason had to be paid. Second, the feudal manor system ) Had to accept their self-oriented conservative mindset due to being economically dependent on the feudal lords and vassals, otherwise there was a danger of being unemployed. In the medieval period, man was not an independent entity, but he was merely a part or a tool of religious, social, political and economic units, pressing in this process – human conscience, self-respect and independent thinking. In the Renaissance period man became conscious and conscious of these fundamental rights, and he was inspired by the cultures of ancient Greek and Rome. Incidentally, during this period, Europe was undergoing such a social and economic change, due to which the lines of control of the church and the feudal lords were getting loose.

07 characteristics of the Renaissance era
01 Humanism

One of the main distinguishing elements of the Renaissance is humanism. Humanism was a natural rebellion of the medieval religion-centered and otheristic mind state, which was making the individual indifferent to his or her real life. In other words, it was a rebellion of human instinctive, living consciousness towards medieval inertia. Humanism awakened the individual’s life expectancy and focused his actions and contemplation on the temporal and physical rise of the present life. In the Renaissance era, humanists took inspiration from the attitude of positive interest in the classical culture of ancient Greece and Rome. Francesco Patrarch of Italy (1307–1374) is considered the pioneer of humanism. He depicted for the first time in his literary works the place of religious themes, the natural beauty of nature and the deep feelings of man’s cosmic love. After Petrarch there were many humanist thinkers in Italy and other countries of Europe,

Top 6 reasons for the renaissance of the modern era

In the late medieval phase, some changes were taking place on the economic and social landscape of Europe which paved the way for the development of the spirit of Renaissance. It was during this period that Europe came in contact with the liberal ideologies of the eastern countries, which provided the formula for new consciousness. Political developments, such as the Turks’ authority over Kustuntunia and new technological discoveries, such as the invention of the printer, were also helpful in the development of the Renaissance. The ideological scholastic ideology of medieval Europe also provided an inspiration for the Renaissance but, above all, the Gangotri of the Renaissance was located in the classical cultures of ancient Greece and Rome, whose studies demonstrated a special interest in the Renaissance period.

Top 6 reasons for the renaissance of the modern era
Top 6 reasons for the renaissance of the modern era
Now know the top 6 of the modern era renaissance
01 Crusade and contact with eastern countries
It is believed that the earliest inspirations of independent research in the Renaissance period, or the Sphulling, were obtained through contact with the eastern countries of Europe as a result of the crusade. These crusades were fought by Christians to liberate their holy land of Jerusalem from Muslim domination. A total of eight religious wars were fought between 1096 and 1271, although Christians failed to obtain their holy land. But the contact of Europeans with the eastern countries through the Crusades broke Europe’s years of inertial separatism and the arrival of many new ideas and things in Europe which gave impetus to the process of Renaissance. According to Sven, ‘it is certain that the religious consequences of the crusade were far less than its intellectual, economic and social consequences.’ In the words of Davis (An Outline History of the World), ‘the greatest of crusades on the world of Europe The effect was that they gave Christians the opportunity to go to foreign lands that had more civilizations and provided the basis for a liberal education. The impact of crusades in relation to the Renaissance can be understood in the following points:

(1) Through the Crusades, the Europeans got an opportunity to know the relatively liberal views of the eastern countries. The people who returned from the crusades returned with a broad intellectual horizon and started raising many questions on the narrow and inert mindset of Europe. In the words of J.E. Sven, ‘it can be said that the Crusades made a very wide contribution to the advent of new ideas and disintegrating the old system, which made the Renaissance possible.

(2) As a result of the Crusades, scholars of Europe became conscious towards acquiring accumulated knowledge of Eastern cultures. Through the people who went to the crusade, the Europeans got to know about the liberal philosophical ideas of Eastern countries, Arabic numbers, Qutubanuma, paper etc. Aristotle’s scientific texts also reintroduced into Europe through the Eastern countries.

(3) Many items of Eastern countries came to Europe through crusades, such as spices, fragrant liquors, silk, muslin, sugar, medicines, glass items, precious stones, carpets, dates, wine, etc. The demand for these goods increased in the markets of Europe, which resulted in a tremendous boost to trade and commerce. New trading centers and cities developed, which gave the thinkers of the Renaissance era a favorable geographical center.

(4) Due to the defeat of the Christians in the Crusades and the arrival of the liberal views of the Eastern countries, the Europeans were somewhat disillusioned with the Church, and did not have full faith in the invincibility and faultlessness of the Church. Enlightened Europeans no longer depended on the Church to diagnose life’s problems, they turned to independent research. However, it would be wrong to assume that if there had not been a crusade, new ideas would not have arrived in Europe. In the words of Magenis and Apple, “All these things might have come slowly without the crusades, but due to the crusades there was undoubtedly haste in their arrival.”

02 economic change
Some changes were taking place in the economic life of Europe which weakened the feudal Manor system and created a new class which was not readily accepting the influence of the Church and the bishops. Such a class was independent intellectual investigation or ‘new individualism’. Became a nutrient and protector of According to Amiya Prasad Sen (Rise of the Modern West), it can generally be said that there was an undeniable correlation between economic changes and the gradual emergence of new values. Changes in the economic life of Europe contributed to the Renaissance as follows:
(1) The development of trade and the money-economy made the self-sufficient feudal system (manor system) hollow and shabby, due to which the peasants began to be liberated from their feudalism and their regressive mentality. Self-respect began to develop in them and at the same time aspired for independent thinking.

(2) The development of trade gave rise to a prosperous business class in Europe, which did not accept the suzerainty of the Church and the clergy in its new way of life. This class became an advocate of independent thinking and lifestyle on the basis of its prosperity.

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All textbook – Standard: 1 to 12 | science- commerce- arts| Gujarati – hindi – english medium textbooks pdf download
All textbook – Standard: 1 to 12 | science- commerce- arts| Gujarati – hindi – english medium textbooks pdf download

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Greek invasion of India

Greek invasion of India : The Greeks considered themselves more civilized and cultured than the residents of Massipotamia. When Iran thought of promoting the Greeks, the Greeks made fun of them and addressed them as wild and uncivilized. In 338 BC Phillips attacked the Greeks and after a simple war, captured Thebes and Athens.

In this situation the Greeks considered Phillips their leader. Phillips also befriended him, freed him and returned the winning part. He then planned to attack Iran. At the same time, 336 BC, one of his own officers killed him. At the time he was murdered, his son Sikander was only 20 years old. He took responsibility at this young age.

Greek invasion of India

Greek invasion of India
Greek invasion of India

Alexander’s Invasion
After the ascension of 336 BC, Sikandar reorganized the water and land forces at the age of 20 by taking charge of the state and the army and handling his administration. After completing all this arrangement, he invaded Iran in 334 BC. When it was invaded, Iran’s ruler was Darius III. He was a weak, luxury ruler. He fought with Alexander in Jesus.


In that war Darius had also taken the women of his harem (harem), Alexander was victorious in the battle and Darius ran away leaving his mother, women, and daughters all at the mercy of the enemy.

All these women remained under the authority of Macedonians. After the war of Jesus, Alexander began to reduce the power of Iran’s supporters. Because he feared opposition from them. He determined to eliminate them. In this task, he had to endure the greatest opposition of the Theinians. In it, his two main fortresses attacked Tire and Sidine and took them under his control. Their resistance ended after they had authority over these forts.

After conquering the Theinians, he did not sit still and made Egypt the target of his attack. The Egyptians, who had been suffering the slavery of Iran for many generations, had become steadfast, they understood that the Creator sent them their liberator as Alexander, and they gave him a great welcome.

When Alexander told the Egyptian god Emon and the Greek god Zeus n to be the same, his priests at the same time started calling their god Zeus-Emon. He addressed Alexander as the son of Zeus, the deity. From that time onwards Alexander started to place himself in the category of deity. A supernatural increase in his dignity took place. He became a god from man, he established a city named Alexandrisya by his name.

331 BC Alexander had his last decisive battle at Persia (Iran) in Arabella, in which Darius escaped from the field and was unfortunate that he was killed by some of his military officers en route. After the death of Darius, the entire Iranian empire became under Alexander, making it a great victory for Alexander. After the conquest of Iran, those soldiers wanted to return. This hurt Alexander’s ambition. He wanted to play his dancer as a cosmologist, the fortress of his immense hopes was far away.

Alexander was very firm in his persistence. He suppressed the military revolt with his iron-suppression cycle. Those who dared to oppose his ambition got him killed. He killed one of his most trusted chieftains, Cleatus, who once protected his life. He was now becoming very cruel and autocratic, his belief that he could never make any mistake. He started thinking of himself as a god. Dreaming of Vishwavijaya, he ordered his army to depart towards India.

At the time of Alexander’s invasion, the northwestern part of India was divided into several republics, not a state administered by a ruler. There was no mutual cordial friendship in those small states. Even more unfortunate was the fact that they were struggling among themselves, it was a privilege of Alexander that he did not face collective power.  Not only this, it also happened that some selfish traitor states invited Alexander to invade India and also invited cooperation, the head of a state was Shashigupta in the north of Hindukush.


He fought a war with Alexander from the Iranian Empire. He became a friend of Alexander after his defeat, the same Shakashigupta assured Alexander of assistance against India. Similarly, Ambika, the prince of Taxila, had already sent an invitation to come to India, the reason for this was that Ambhi had an old enmity with the man. He wanted to degrade Puru for these reasons that inspired Alexander to attack.

Alexander did not intend to become the guest of Takshashila by entering India-land until he subjugated the castes between Kapisha and Taxila. He attacked these castes and strongly opposed Alexander. First of all, he had to fight with the horsemen and the fowls.

How to Pay Electricity Bill Online In Gujarat l Check Your Bill Now

How to Pay Electricity Bill Online In Gujarat l Check Your Bill Now : Electricity Bill Payment Online – One such phase is going on nowadays. In which people have no time at all. Nowadays people have become quite busy in this life of running. Due to which people have a lot of time. For this reason, sometimes some of our domestic and important jobs are also lost. In such a busy life, if you have to go round an office or stand in a line. So it becomes quite a difficult task. Technology has also supported a lot in the life of the race.

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How to Pay Electricity Bill Online In Gujarat l Check Your Bill Now

How to Pay Electricity Bill Online In Gujarat l Check Your Bill Now

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Learn mobile hardware repairing postures in Hindi language

Learn mobile hardware repairing postures in Hindi language,As we are seeing nowadays that many mobile phone companies are coming to the market. And all the people have some or the other mobile. Mobile phone belongs to any company but it is bad. Here we are Will tell you in detail about Mobile Hardware. So that you can easily learn the repairing of mobile phone and make this information,This is beneficial for all those students who want to make a career in the field of mobile repairing, and at the same time, the students friends doing mobile repairing or learning are very easy and needful information,
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Tools used for mobile repairing such as: –

Learn mobile hardware repairing postures in Hindi language
Learn mobile hardware repairing postures in Hindi language

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All hardware faults of mobile phones

Mobile hardware malfunctions – Mobile phones should be of any mobile company, usually any cheap or expensive mobile phones like- Acer, Adcom, Alcatel, Apple, Archos, Asus, BlackBerry, Celkon, Fly, Gionee, Google, HTC, Huawei, iBall , IBerry, Idea, Intex, Karbonn, Lava, Lemon, Lenovo, LG, Maxx Mobile, Micromax, Microsoft, Motorola, MTS, Nokia, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Spice, Swipe, Videocon, Xiaomi, Xolo, ZTE and In all other mobiles, the process of fixing hardware malfunctions is the same.


Practically learning to fix all the hardware malfunctions of the mobile phone –

Rags of Loudspeaker

Ring no

Ring low

Speaker faults

Hearing noises from the speaker

Low voice

Unheard noise from the speaker

Micphone malfunctions

Don’t go out going sound

Out going sound slow

Vibrator motor faults

Vibration hangs and no work

Obstruction of vibration

Network network faults

No network access

Network weakening

Network movement

Battery and charging faults

No battery charging

Battery discharge very quickly

Battery empty screen written

Reconnect Charger written

Sim sim faults

Fix Insert Sim malfunction

Fixing Others Sim Problems

Malfunction of keypad keypad

No 3-4 Key Keypad Working

Not all keys work

Print the same number of times

Press one’s key

Keypad Lite not burning

Fixing dead mobile malfunction

Fixing shortcode from PCB plate of mobile

Display Mobile Display faults

Display not coming

Light on screen only when mobile ON

No light on screen

Appear on screen sometime nothing

Make half the display work

Display broken

Display empty

Mobile shutdown by blinking display

Lying in pocket or running off mobile

Being OFF as soon as Mobile ON

Vibration only on mobile ON

Fixing a fallen mobile

USB mobile not connected to computer

Headphone Headphone Malfunction

FM radio not working

Android mobile overheating malfunction

Bluetooth not working

Having trouble opening Gallery

Mobile hangs while walking

Multimedia memory (memory card) faults

Memory card “Not Open”

Memory card “Not Accept”

Memory card “Corrupted”

Not showing memory card in mobile

Remove Virus Virus from Memory Card Mobile

Camera camera mobile faults

Camera written error

Camera written “Standby”

Camera snaps blurry

Turn off as soon as the camera is on

Photo taken with camera not saved

Touch screen (PDA) mobile faults

Touch screen not working properly

Half Touch Screen Half Working

Fixing all other hardware malfunctions.

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Smartphone and touch screen mobile phone repairing

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Fixing all hardware and software malfunctions.

Repairing Smartphone Mobile at its own level.

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Inside mobile