A 42-year-old husband and a 25-year-old wife were strangled in a village in Surendranagar

By | December 5, 2020

Mystery surrounded: Suicide after 6 years of marriage, 42-year-old husband and 25-year-old wife strangled in Sara village of Surendranagar

The two lived peacefully, with no suicide note in hand
In Sara village of Muli taluka, a 42-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman, who lived together in a house wearing only flowers, got married and strangled themselves in their own house. It is a mystery as to why a young man and a young woman who have been living together for the last six years have committed suicide. Whether he really committed suicide or was hanged after his murder has become the subject of investigation.

Hakabhai Vanand, who lives in Dadholia village of Muli taluka, lived with his family in a good village and worked on a farm. Next to them is Baldevbhai Virjibhai Vermora’s farm. Because they lived side by side, they used to come and go in their own fields. Meanwhile, Hakabhai’s daughter Hema and Baldevbhai’s eye were found. Although the two were very different in age, they decided to live together and fell in love, which was also agreed upon by their families, so they got married six years ago in the presence of their family.

Then on Thursday night, Suresh, who was farming at Baldevbhai’s farm, came to Baldevbhai’s house to get a bike. He was devastated to see the hanging bodies of both of them. Hema tied a sari with a hook on the roof of the house and Baldevbhai committed suicide by tying a rope with a wooden stick.

A police team comprising PSI DJ Zala, Rohitbhai Rathore and Giriraj Singh Jadeja reached the spot and investigated why they both committed suicide. Two days ago, the two happily went to a relative’s wedding there. There were no quarrels or headaches between the two after coming from there. So why make this decision. At the same time, it may be that one has committed suicide and the other has taken the same step.


The bodies of the husband and wife were found in different rooms
The deceased lives at Chhewada. If the two want to die together, they can be seen in the same room, but in the room next to the Hemaben door, Baldevbhai is found hanging in a room a short distance away, raising suspicions.