October 1 Horoscope: Aries and Libra people will be more interested in Dharma-karma on Thursday, ego can spoil the relationship between husband and wife


Positive: – Interest in spirituality and Dharma-karma will make your practice more positive. You can get some important information related to media and marketing, so don’t ignore any phone call today.

Negative: – Be extra careful in investing. Avoid lending money to strangers as there is no hope of their return. Stay away from illegal acts.

Occupation: – A few outside agreements can be obtained in trade.

Love: – There will be a need for mutual cooperation to improve the marital relationship.

Health: – Stale and fried food can upset the stomach.


Positive: – You will get rid of any kind of dilemma and restlessness that has been going on for some time today and you will feel full of energy. Today, the mind will be overjoyed when something impossible happens suddenly.

Negative: – Take care of your important thing, it is likely to be stolen or lost. At the same time, your angry nature can lead to misunderstandings in a few relationships.

Business: – If there is a legal dispute related to business, pay attention to it today and plan with a lawyer.

Love: – Wrong anger can spoil the atmosphere of the house.

Health: – People with high blood pressure and diabetes should get regular checkups.

Gemini: –

Positive: – You will get some relief from a stressful life today. Today you will feel confident within yourself. Young people are more likely to succeed in interviews, so keep trying.

Negative: – There will be a few worries about money. The time till noon is financially excellent. Focusing on your tasks at this time will solve many of your problems.

Occupation: – Your dignity will be maintained in the workplace and job.

Love: – There will be a program to go to a religious ceremony with the family.

Health: – Health will be excellent.


Positive: – A few important decisions regarding family and finance will come with a positive result. There will be little plans for home renovations. Follow the rules regarding the object.

Negative: – Disputes can occur with a close relative. Anyone can take advantage of your feelings and generosity. Properly check before trusting anyone.

Business: – Try to complete all the work yourself at the business place.

Love: – Collaboration of family and spouse will keep your morale strong.

Health: – There will be joint pain.


Positive: – You will have a significant contribution in social activities today. Which will increase your respect. There will be an increase in work related to any organization. Studying deeply before doing any work will give good results.

Negative: – Keep paperwork related to building, car etc. and make the investment wisely. You will also be troubled by the problem of children. You may have to help a friend financially.

Occupation: – To make all business decisions manually.

Love: – There will be harmony in the relationship between husband and wife.

Health: – Health will be excellent.

Girls: –

Positive: – The work that you have been working hard for the last few days will be more fruitful than expected today. Maintaining a good relationship with friends and relatives will make the mind happy

Negative: – You sometimes plan in your dreams. So come to reality instead of living in fantasies. And understand the reality of life. Understand children’s emotions.

Business: – Today in business will receive some new contracts.

Love: – Since your whole focus is on your business, there will be full cooperation in taking care of your spouse’s home.

Health: – There will be stomach related problems.

Libra: –

Positive: People who are involved in politics can achieve something important today. Your respect in society and family will increase. You will also have a service contribution to a religious organization.

Negative: – There can be some kind of mistake in investing in money. Do not lend money to anyone as there is a possibility of getting back a little bit.

Business: – There is a need to change the current working policies in the business sector.

Love: – The affection of family members towards each other will be maintained.

Health: – Toothache can be irritating.

Scorpio: –

Positive: – Today’s time is mixed fruitful. If you want to get respect from others, you have to respect others first. Intimacy will come in personal relationships. The opponent will fail today.

Negative: – A small dispute with the neighbors can lead to a dispute. It is better to stay away from all these things. You can’t invest as much as you want.

Business: – Put your energy into completing marketing tasks today.

Love: – Family life will be normal.

Health: – Stomach related diseases can occur.

Dhan: –

Positive: – Today is the time to understand-think and introspect. You will be able to achieve a pleasant result through your skills and understanding. Suddenly an impossible task can become possible.

Negative: – There may be some kind of dispute with the brothers in the house and you will also be able to complete it through your dealing skills. Don’t let your ego dominate your dealings.

Business: – There will be some activities in the business related to partnership at present.

Love: – Ego can come between husband and wife.

Health: There will be a viral fever.

Capricorn: –

Positive: – You will be able to complete your work well today. Your talent and personality will come in front of people. Your opponent will not be able to stand against you. Respect will also be maintained in the society.

Negative: – Any work related to home can lead to wrong expenses. Take care of your budget as you will not be able to earn much at present. It is important to have a positive outlook on life.

Occupation: – Work will continue properly in the business of partnership.

Love: – Husband-wife relationship will be normal.

Health: – Health will be excellent.

Aquarius: –

Positive: – Stay focused on current activities without making any important decisions today. The cooperation of family members in any kind of dilemma can help you make a decision.

Negative: – Loss or theft of something important will cause stress. Avoid spoiling the relationship with uncle’s siblings. Don’t let negative thoughts dominate you.

Occupation: – There will be some important opportunities for work progress in the business.

Love: – Spouse collaboration will increase energy and self-confidence.

Health: – Health will be good.


Mean: –

Positive: Pay attention to the advice of the elders of the house. Their advice and blessings will be a blessing to you. The constellations of destiny are gaining momentum and speeding up the stuck tasks.

Negative: – Do a proper check on any new investment or work. Don’t listen to anyone. Flowing in emotions will only hurt you

Business: – The problems that have been going on in the business sector for the last few years, are likely to be partially successful today.

Love: – Take care that misunderstandings do not arise in love relationships.

Health: – Health will be good.

September 19th Horoscope: People of Scorpio and Capricorn should not waste their time in wrong activities related to entertainment on Saturday.


Positive: – Today will bring good news regarding the upliftment. There will also be some time spent in religious and spiritual activities. The presence of a special social reformer will generate positive energy in you.

Negative: – There will be some concern about the health of the elder member of the household. Defamation or misunderstanding can arise due to people with a little negative activity while working in social activities.

Business: – You will be able to make a serious decision about the business.

Love: – There will be a pleasant atmosphere in the home-family.

Health: – Allergies and heat related problems can occur.


Positive: – Happiness and peace in the family is the first priority for you. You will maintain harmony in work and family. There will be special engagement in work related to children’s study and admission.

Negative: – There will be expenses incurred in car or house maintenance work which may lead to poor budget. Preserve your important things. There is a possibility of theft.

Business: – New achievements in business are waiting for you.

Love: – The ongoing misunderstanding between husband and wife will be resolved today.

Health: – Do not be negligent about health.

Gemini: –

Positive: – Your generous attitude will impress everyone. In time, you will be able to resolve old differences and misunderstandings. Children will receive a catchy result in the study.

Negative: – Sometimes there is a feeling of insecurity in the mind about the family. This will only be your superstition. Income as well as expenses will increase.

Occupation: – Your work skills and work capacity may be reduced at work.

Love: – There will be ups and downs in the health of the spouse.

Health: – Beware of problems like hard disease and diabetes


Positive: – There will be an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the family. The family will spend time shopping together with the housekeeping and decorating activities. Students will find success for professional study.

Negative: – You will not increase contact with strangers. Don’t let any outsider interfere in your family. Do not use a mobile phone while driving.

Business: – There is a need to make some tough and important decisions in business.

Love: – Family atmosphere will be good.

Health: – Excessive exertion and hard work can affect your health.


Positive: – After many days, there will be a festive atmosphere with the arrival of close guests in the house. All members will experience joy together. Any important issues will be discussed.

Negative: – Sometimes during the conversation you may be told something that will be harmful to the relationship. So you control your anger and impulses.

Business: – There will be problems in the plans regarding the area in the work area.

Love: – Family atmosphere will be pleasant.

Health: – Beware of seasonal diseases.

Girls: –

Positive: – Virgo person is skilled and today this same quality of yours will be helpful in your upliftment. You will be able to take advantage of your contacts through intelligence and intelligence.

Negative: – Be careful when dealing with new people. A person with any negative activity can cause you trouble. Patience and perseverance are also required in many matters today.

Business: – Today a new achievement in business is waiting for you.

Love: – There will be harmony between home-family and business.

Health: – There will be physical weakness and body aches.

Libra: –

Positive: – There will be a little positive travel plan regarding work. Which will prove to be very beneficial financially. Completing any special work with children will bring relief.

Negative: – It is necessary to control the wrong expenses. Don’t blindly trust anyone when it comes to money. Disregarding the advice of the elders in the home can be harmful.

Business: – Your generous nature will make the business relationship better.

Love: – Misunderstandings and differences between husband and wife will be removed.

Health: – Pay special attention to your food and medicines while traveling.

Scorpio: –

Positive: – The family atmosphere will be positive. A good proposal can also come from a member’s marriage. Today you will complete your work in a planned and proper manner.

Negative: – Students and youth class do not compromise with their career by falling into wrong activities related to entertainment. The sudden arrival of a few relatives at home can make matters worse.

Occupation: – Work seriously on area plan in business.

Love: – The family atmosphere will be pleasant.

Health: – There will be physical weakness due to the current season.

Dhan: –

Positive: – The problem that has been going on for some time will be solved with the help of relatives and family members. Which will make you feel stress free. Students who go abroad and study hard can find success with less effort.

Negative: – There will be a plan to borrow for land, don’t worry, the loan will be repaid gradually. Misunderstandings can arise with a close friend.

Occupation: – There is a need to work seriously in business today.

Love: – There will be a romantic relationship between husband and wife.

Health: – Health will be a little weak.

Capricorn: –

Positive: – Today you will experience that your whole family will stand by you in any adverse situation. The family needs to be given priority. Spend some time with the elders in the house.

Negative: – Due to business rush and economic downturn, expenses of family members have to be reduced. Which will cause the children to be disappointed. Overconfidence in someone at this time can be detrimental to you.

Business: – Rethink plans for business area.

Love: – The youth class does not waste their time on love affairs and social media.

Health: – Health will be good.

Aquarius: –

Positive: – Today family members will have expectations from each other and you will also be able to fulfill them. Their happiness will give you a lot of comfort. Today has been a frustrating day for me.

Negative: – Dealing with relatives can lead to bitterness in the relationship. Frequent work can also stop due to anger and impulse.

Business: – Conditions in trade will remain normal.

Love: – The atmosphere of the house will be pleasant.

Health: – Stay away from people with negative activities and addictions

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Mean: –

Positive: – Today you will plan to spend most of your time in self-reflection and solitude. So you will get rid of many confusions.

Negative: – Don’t ignore your family’s needs. A close friend of yours can make a plan or conspiracy out of jealousy.

Business: – There will be a plan to make important decisions in trade and business today.

Love: – There will be an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the house.

Health: – Health will be excellent.

President Donald Trump has ordered a ban on tic-tac-toe from Sunday.

Tough crackdown on Chinese companies: President Donald Trump orders ban on Tiktok-WeChet from Sunday, Chinese companies could lose market share to hundreds of users in US

US President Donald Trump has ordered tougher action on TikTok and WeChat from Sunday. Both apps will not be able to be downloaded in the United States if the move is made from Sunday, the news agency said in a statement. The possibility of such controls has become stronger after an agreement was reached to become America’s technology partner for Oracle TicTac.

Tiktok was previously given a September 15 deadline to cease operations in the United States until President Trump acquired Microsoft Corp or another company. In these circumstances, Trump has given important orders in this direction today. According to U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Rose, China is maliciously collecting personal data of U.S. citizens, and the order is being implemented to prevent this situation.
Decided with national security in mind: US Department of Commerce
Some security experts have expressed concern that the Chinese company BiteDance Limited, which owns Tiktok, is creating an access security risk to information about about 100 million Tiktok users in the United States. The popular video app TikTok and messaging app WeChat will be banned in the US from Sunday, the US Department of Commerce said. The Trump administration says the move was necessary in light of US national security.

Trump’s conversation with Oracle representatives
Earlier in the day, Trump said he had talked to a representative of Walmart and Oracle to make a decision on the issue. Last month, Trump signed an executive order banning Tiktok and WeChat, under which both Chinese companies could avoid a ban by handing over ownership to a US company. Tiktok is currently owned by Baitdance, based in Beijing. Microsoft was initially involved in the conversation with Tiktok. Oracle and Walmart later made an entry in the conversation, however.

India had earlier banned 118 Chinese apps to protect its sovereignty and integrity.


India also banned 118 China-based apps, including the popular Pubji Mobile, earlier this month. According to the Ministry of Information and Technology (IT) of India, the ban was imposed under Section 69A of the Information Technology Rules under various provisions of the Information Technology Rules, 2009. That is, India imposed the ban in view of the potential threat to its sovereignty and integrity.

India’s another ‘quality attack’ on China, a major tweak on imported LED products

BIG NEWS / India’s another ‘quality attack’ on China, a major tweak on imported LED products

India is ready to teach China one more lesson. Now all the LED products imported in the country will be examined. The Government of India wants to curb imports from China. This is a major step taken by the Modi government in the same direction. Have given. The Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has issued a notification for this.

One more quality attack on China

  1. Any sample from the consignment or goods being imported will be selected at random or irregularly.
  2. Such samples will be sent to the labs of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for testing. The investigation will be completed in 7 days.
  3. It will be checked whether these LED products meet the safety standards.
  4. Only consignments of samples that meet the criteria will get clearance from the customs.
  5. If the selected sample does not meet the criteria, it will be returned or destroyed.

India’s move will add to China’s woes as it is set to suffer a major economic blow if China’s low-quality LED consignment does not find entry into India. Because India is a big market for electronic goods for China.

China’s difficulties will increase in this way

  1. More than 19 1.9 billion worth of electronic goods were imported from China in FY20.
  2. Goods imported from China include lamps and light fittings.
  3. The total value of imported lamps and lighting equipment was 43 436 million.
  4. India is the second largest LED market in the world in terms of value. The largest market for China.

To reduce India’s dependence on China, PM Modi has launched campaigns like Vocal for Local and Self-Reliant India. Teaching China a lesson on the border has already begun to break its economic backbone.

Commercial strike on China


  1. In July, India banned color televisions imported from China to promote local manufacturing.
  2. The participation of Chinese companies in government procurement was also banned due to national security concerns.
  3. In April, India also changed the rules regarding its foreign direct investment.
  4. So that India’s borders are touched, government approval will be required before FDI investment.
  5. India also banned several Chinese apps, including Tiktok and Pubji.

After the tea kettle, the leaf gullies were closed in this area of ​​Ahmedabad

After the tea kettle, the leaf gullies were closed in this area of ​​Ahmedabad

After the tea kettle in Ahmedabad, now the corporation’s eye is on Panna Galla. Pan masala shops violating social distance will be investigated by the team of the corporation. Violations of Corora’s guidelines will be prosecuted at the site. AMC will go to different areas of the city and check. Strict action will be taken especially in the place where more cases of corona are coming up. Let’s talk today. Most of the leaf gullies were found closed in the Bopal area of ​​the city. Gutkha and Panmasala lovers were frustrated by this.

In the Bopal-Ghuma area of ​​the city, people were seen on leafy streets without masks. Apart from this, social distance was also being violated and the system has taken action against them. Earlier, eight leaf galls were sealed in Bopal by the Municipal Corporation’s Solid Waste Department. It was then decided to compulsorily close the Pan Parlor holders in Bopal.

Ahmedabad metropolis is known for its distinctive identity. Another identity of Ahmedabad is its kettle culture. Everywhere you look, there are tea kettles, and crowds of people standing here frozen … Many tea stalls in Ahmedabad are famous then. Today we will visit a tea shop in Ahmedabad, where a sip of tea carries a message of awareness for Hinduism.

In the city of Ahmedabad, the Municipal Corporation was slapped in Bopal today as the cases of corona were increasing in various areas. AMC has closed leaf gullies in Bopal. With the spread of corona in Ahmedabad, AMC has hit the pan-spice connoisseurs hard today.

In most parts of the Bopal area of ​​Ahmedabad, leaf galls have been found closed. Gutkha and Panmasala enthusiasts were seen searching the streets this morning. Corona cases are on the rise in Gujarat. The AMC is taking strict action in Bopal to ensure that the declining cases of corona in Ahmedabad do not resurface. The victims of which have become the owners of Pan Masala today.

In Bopal, which is under the jurisdiction of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Tantra conducted a check on Panna Galla today. The system has taken action at Bopal-Ghuma where people without masks, lack of social distance on the leaf gills. Earlier, eight leaf galls were sealed in Bopal by the Municipal Corporation’s Solid Waste Department. Bopal’s Pan Parlor Holders have since decided to close Pan Parlor compulsorily.

It may be mentioned here that the first drive of the corporation was done in Bopal area. In which a large number of people were seen on the leaf galls and tea kettles. People here who do not wear masks and spit in public have been prosecuted. Proceedings ranging from fines to sealing have been taken.


Crowds of people had gathered at tea kettles in many places in the city and people were not wearing masks, which prompted the corporation to take action. In this regard, more than 115 kettles and stalls were automatically closed today as 12 teams of the Solid Waste Department of the city took action with the help of the police. The corporation’s first drive was in the Bopal area. In which a large number of people were seen on the leaf galls and tea kettles. Corona’s guidelines were being flagrantly violated in the area.

Bihari youth sleeping in bed at night in Vajdi village of Rajkot was stabbed in the head by unknown persons

Murder: Bihari youth sleeping in bed at night in Vajdi village of Rajkot was stabbed in the head by unknown persons

  • Mystery about who killed a Bihari youth with a puncture joint cabin
  • He slept on the bed in the roof of the cabin at night, his body lying in the morning
  • As many as three sharp weapon wounds were found in the head, police conducted an investigation

The body of Mohammad Jashim Shah (27), a native of Bihar, was found murdered on Viradi Vajdi village on Kalawad Road in Rajkot. Mohammed was working on the puncture. Last night, he was sleeping in a cot near the cabin when strangers stabbed him in the head with a sharp weapon. His body was found near the puncture joint cabin near his room with head injuries. University police rushed to the spot as soon as the incident was reported and Mohammed’s body was shifted to the hospital for PM.

The FSL team also rushed to the spot
According to the information received, the body of Mohammad, who lived in Vajdi and had a puncture repair cabin near the room, was found in a bloody state near the puncture cabin near his house. The 108’s EMT Arvindbhai and pilot Rahimbhai informed the university police. In addition, DCP Manohar Singh Jadeja, ACP p. That. Officers, including Diora, also arrived. FSL officials were also called to the spot.

The deceased has a son and a daughter
The deceased Mohammed had serious head injuries. There was an injury that was hit by a blunt object. However, his family members said that the deceased did not have any head-on collision. The deceased was the third of four brothers and two sisters. Settled here from Bihar for eighty years. Her parents live in Bihar.

His wife’s name is Rosinakhatun and they have a daughter Gudiya (age 4) and a son Bholu (age 8). At night, the young man slept on a bed near his puncture cabin. When Mohammed’s daughter came to Puncher’s cabin in the morning, she was shocked to see her father bleeding. Which caused others to be informed.

The Stone Killer was killed in Rajkot 12 days ago
The murder took place 12 days ago in Navrangpara of Mwdi plot in Rajkot. Stone killer Mahesh alias Haresh, who stoned three of my beggars to death in 2009, was found stoned to death. Police reached the spot and shifted the body to the hospital for PM to conduct further investigation.


Police received a call from a man named Dubai in the control room and he said in the phone that a corpse had fallen on the roof of the shop, let’s find it. Police later arrested the three men who killed the Stone Killer. In which it was revealed that Ajit, the son of Stone Killer’s religion, had killed him. All the three accused are currently in jail.

The reason behind banning Paytm App from Google Play Store is this

BIG NEWS: The reason behind banning Paytm App from Google Play Store is this

Amid ongoing tensions between India and China, Google has made a big decision. The Paytm app has been removed from the Google Play Store. Android users can no longer download the Paytm app. The fantasy games offered on the app are said to be linked to the decision to remove Paytm from the Play Store.

Google India announces Play Store policy
Interestingly, Google India today also released a blog outlining the Play Store policy on gambling. This blog post does not mention Paytm but features the Play Store’s gambling policies.

‘We do not allow online casinos or endorse uncontrolled gambling apps that make it easy. In it, if the app takes customers to an external website to participate in a paid tournament to win money or a cash prize, it is a violation of the policy. This was stated in a Google blog post.

The answer came from Paytm

Paytm tweeted that Paytm is temporarily unavailable on Google’s Play Store to download or update the app. He will be back very soon. All your money is completely safe and people who have already downloaded the Paytm app can use their Paytm app as usual.

iOS users will still be able to use Paytm

Paytm is still available on the Apple App Store and those who have downloaded this app to their phone will still be able to use this app. No issue has been reported in the service of the app yet. Also the Paytm business app is still available on the Play Store.


Paytm is one of the largest fintech apps not only in India but in the world. Paytm is the sixth most downloaded app in August, according to the latest data from Sensor Tower. The app has been installed 6.7 million times in the same period. Paytm has a total of 450 million users. Note that Paytm is developed for payment on online platforms rather than offering shopping, gaming, banking etc.

It is giving a subsidy of Rs 12,000 on the purchase of two-wheelers and Rs 48,000 on rickshaws – hurry up!

Good news for motorists / is giving a subsidy of 12 thousand on the purchase of two wheelers and 48 thousand on rickshaws – hurry up!

To prevent air pollution from vehicles in various towns and cities of the state, Rs. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani today announced assistance of Rs 12,000 crore. Announcing the assistance scheme for the use of battery-powered two-wheeler-three-wheeler, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that Rs. 12 thousand for assistance and Rs.

12 thousand for assistance and Rs. It was decided to provide assistance of Rs
Inaugurating the document book-Compodium of the Climate Change Department’s Decade of Action-Future Roadmap, the Chief Minister said that the above scheme has been announced to make the use of battery powered two wheeler-three wheeler more prevalent in the towns and cities of Gujarat. Is.

Gujarat is committed to tackling the challenges of climate change
Under the aid scheme, the government will provide Rs 12,000 to students studying from Std-9 to college in the state to buy a battery-powered two-wheeler. The target is to provide subsidy to 10,000 vehicles.

The government will provide assistance of 12 thousand rupees

Not only this, the state government will also provide assistance of Rs. 48,000 for the purchase of battery operated e-rickshaw three wheeler for individual and institutional beneficiaries and five thousand e-rickshaws will be given the benefit. The Chief Minister gave this eco-friendly gift to the citizens of the state as a Panchsheel gift of five development schemes in the state to celebrate the 70th birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Assistance scheme also for charging stations of vehicles
A scheme of Rs 50 lakh has also been implemented in the state to set up infrastructural facilities for battery powered vehicles. Efforts were made to increase the use of clean fuels like CNG in vehicle transactions with Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation and Gujarat Gas.


The result of Std. 10 supplementary examination will be announced today, the government will call 1.08 lakh students to school

Gujarat Education Board has announced the result of Std. 10 supplementary examination today. The government, believing in the online system, has announced the offline results of 1.5 million students. However students will know the result after three to four days. Because the results of supplementary examination are not announced online by Gujarat Board. So that 1.09 lakh students who have appeared for Std. 10 supplementary examination will be able to know the result after getting their marksheet.

The result will not be announced online
The result will be announced by the board today. The result of Swalakh students of standard 10 supplementary examination will not be declared online. The board is forcing students to go to school instead of providing online facility to students in Corona. When all the work except the result is done online, the question of why the result of the supplementary examination is offline is also rising in the minds of the students as well as their parents.

The apparent possibility of crowds gathering at the school
Crowds are expected to gather when 1.5 lakh students go to school to get results. GSEB is behaving in a way that is not interested in the supplementary examination. Earlier, despite being a coroner, the board failed the maths paper this year and failed the students. Today Std. 10 The result of the supplementary examination is to be declared. 1.31 lakh students appeared for one or two subject examinations. Students have to go to school to get the result marksheet. The result marksheet will be handed over to the students from the school on 21st September. Thus, in the Corona era students have to go to school to get results.

Important Date :

➜ Date of Results is Declaration : 18/09/2020 

➜ Date Of Results Distribution : 21/09/2020


➜ Notification : Click Here
➜ Official Website : Click Here

There are a large number of students in the supplementary examination
In the supplementary examination of Std. 10 and 12 Science conducted by Gujarat Education Board from 9th to 8th, out of more than 1.51 lakh students in Std. 10, more than 1.04 lakh students appeared for the examination. After announcing the result of Std. 12 Science supplement last 13th, today the result of Std. 10 supplementary examination has been announced. In 12 sciences there were more than 15 thousand students who gave from 4 thousand registered students while in Std.

10 there are more than 1.05 lakh students. Although the supplementary examination has a large number of repeater students, the board is not interested in announcing the result online. The results of the main public board examination to be held on March 10-12 are announced on the online website but the supplementary examination is not announced online.

If all the services by the board are online then the result of the supplementary examination is offline question
The board may not be interested in putting the result data online as the result of the supplementary examination is very low but if there are more or less students, the result should be published online at all times. This is also the case with Corona this year, when all the services have now been made online by the board, why the results of the supplementary examination are not announced online.

September 18 horoscope: Aries and Pisces will be in good financial condition on Friday, 11 zodiac people should take care of their health.


Positive: – This time the economic party will be in a more capable and strong position than before. Anxiety that has been going on for some time will be relieved. You will find joy in meeting the needs of your family.

Negative: – Few people can criticize or condemn you. Keep distance from people with such negative activity. Expenses will be high which can make the budget worse.

Occupation: – Make important decisions in business and operations.

Love: – Family atmosphere will be pleasant.

Health: – Beware of seasonal diseases.


Positive: – At this time, there are auspicious occasions of fortune. The time has come to complete the work that has been stuck for the last few days. A few opponents will dominate but you will not be harmed.

Negative: – It is important to control your anger and rage. Many times in haste and overzealousness your work can go bad. Which can also affect family happiness.

Business: – Business requires a lot of hard work and diligence.

Love: – There will be differences or misunderstandings in the family.

Health: – Will be from blood pressure and diabetes.

Gemini: –

Positive: – The result of the competitive examination of the students will come in their favor. Need to work harder than before. There will also be some important instruction from a relative or friend. Which will be beneficial for you.

Negative: – Today is not a good day financially. Avoid any kind of investment or transaction related activities in it. The behavior and behavior of the offspring can cause you anxiety.

Business: – Some new plans will be considered for the work area.

Love: – There will be a decrease in the harmony and understanding of husband and wife.

Health: – Health will be good.


Positive: – Finding a solution to any career problems in children’s studies will bring relief. The blessing and grace of the elders will keep the atmosphere of the home well maintained.

Negative: – Control your emotions. Someone can fool you emotionally. Wrong deeds are becoming a yoga of spending money.

Business: – It is a good time to start a trade area plan that has been going on for some time.

Love: – Ongoing disputes between husband and wife will be resolved.

Health: – Flatulence or stomach problems will increase.


Positive: – The work that was stalled for some time is likely to be completed today with a small effort. Any news can be heard from a relative.

Negative: – Students need to focus on their studies. Reduce false positives. Control anger and arousal.

Occupation: – Complete the work in full seriousness otherwise your order may be canceled.

Love: – Marital life will be happy.

Health: – Stay away from any kind of bad habit.

Girls: –

Positive: – There will be beneficial contacts from political and important people. You will be able to complete most of the work with your intelligence and ingenuity.

Negative: – It is very important to overcome your weakness like sentimentality and generosity. Because, because of it, few people can take advantage of you.

Business: – Before making any new investment in the business, check it properly.

Love: – Love for each other will be maintained in the family.

Health: – There will be a problem of physical weakness and pain in the bones.

Libra: –

Positive: – If a building construction work is stalled, it has to be completed. At the same time, there will be plans to purchase a property. Your scientific outlook and advanced thinking will keep you in tune with your home and business.

Negative: – Do not interfere in the affairs of others. Which will cause people to turn against you unintentionally. Do not sign any paper without reading it.

Business: – Business requires a lot of hard work and diligence.

Love: – The ongoing misunderstanding between husband and wife will be removed.

Health: – Drive carefully.

Scorpio: –

Positive: – You will feel energized by the improvement in the health problems that have been going on for the last few years. So that you will be able to complete your tasks with confidence and prowess.

Negative: – Do not take the help of any inappropriate action to strengthen the conditions. Otherwise any harassment may arise. Someone can talk to you and tell you secrets.

Business: – There will be a need for new inventions and schemes to increase trade.

Love: – Family situations will be on your side.

Health: – There will be seasonal cold-cough.

Dhan: –

Positive: – Students will get proper success in professional studies. You will be able to work with full concentration on your goal. There will be a plan to borrow for land or vehicle.

Negative: – When talking to someone, be extra careful that any of your negative things can make the relationship worse. Women should be careful when communicating with a person of the opposite sex.

Business: – You will experience some troubles in business today.

Love: – There will be collaborative dealings among family members.

Health: – Allergies and heat can be a problem.

Capricorn: –

Positive: – Today is a good opportunity to get a loan. So keep working hard. Any problem involving children will be relieved.

Negative: – Stay away from people with negative activity. They may plan to create any misunderstanding against you in the society.

Business: – You will work hard to revive the business.

Love: – The cooperation of all the members of the household towards you in opposite situations will give you self-confidence.

Health: – Avoid stress, depression and seasonal illnesses.

Aquarius: –

Positive: – Aquarius people are normal in any situation. You will achieve your goal through your karma and masculinity. Any important work related to children’s studies will be completed.

Negative: – Sometimes a negative situation can lead to distraction and frustration. False spending needs to be controlled. Don’t trust anyone when it comes to money transactions.

Business: – Keep an eye on the activities of your opponents in business.

Love: – Will get full cooperation of spouse in opposite situations.

Health: – Stress will cause fatigue and physical weakness.

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Mean: –

Positive: – Today the planet pasture is on your side. Your financial situation will improve. By giving up laziness you focus on accomplishing your goal. The youth class will be focused on their careers.

Negative: – Money can be wasted due to any negligence. So be careful. No settlement is expected today in court cases.

Business: – You will get benefits if you implement any new experiment in business.

Love: – There will be an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the family.

Health: – You will get relief from the health related problem which has been going on for some time.